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Gifts for 17 year Old Girls

Seventeen, the year you have the ability to leap into freedom when you can finally get your licence and drive!  Our seventeen year old girls can be sweet and sassy, finding their voice, forming ideas on their own beliefs, views and opinions and getting ready to take on the world. Find the coolest and most popular birthday gifts right here for the seventeen year old girl in your life. Browse through our range of hand picked gifts; you're sure to find something they'll love!

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Look here to find the coolest gifts a 17 year old girl will love at CoolThings Australia

Seventeen year old girls are on the cusp of being an official adult and can sometimes be seen as an enigma, something that we don't (and may never) understand. At CoolThings we have discovered what today's seventeen year old loves.  Whether they are shy, outgoing, kind or outspoken seventeen year old girls are navigating school, home and work life, developing their identity, working out how the world works and having fun along the way. We have selected a great range of unique and quirky gifts for the cool teenager in your life.

Teenage girl questions and carefully considered answers

What do I get the girl who has everything?

We have an amazing range of unique and quirky gifts to make it easy to find something that will please the fussiest recipient.

How do I know what they will like?

Try to select something that they are interested in.  If they love being outside then get something they will be able to enjoy outside. If they love animals we have a fantastic range of dog, cat and sloth themed gifts. If they like creating then look at our amazing selection of hand picked gifts to create. We have something for everyone.

What's available right now?

If you need something in a rush, simply look out for the green "in stock" label. We also offer express delivery too which makes your gift giving super fast.

Top 10 Gifts In 2022 For 17 Year Old Girls!

We've compiled a most popular list of the coolest gifts for your 17 year old this year as voted by cool gift givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite gifts & present ideas that we've shipped all over Australia!

  1. 1. Astronaut Ice Cream

    Astronaut Ice Cream

    Take your taste buds on an adventure with all new Astronaut Ice Cream. This official NASA approved Ice Cream is the perfect light snack for taking into orb...

  2. 2. Air Shot

    Air Shot

    If you think you're a good shot, start your zero gravity mission and have some gravity-defying fun with a brilliantly entertaining game of Air Shot....

  3. 3. Grip Ball

    Grip Ball

    The classic grip ball is back with a vengence. This time sporting a hot new design with an even greater grip....

  4. 4. Wahu Bash n Splash

    Wahu Bash n Splash

    This Wahu Bash n Splash features a continuous water blast and bounce back action. If you bash it, you will be splashed....

  5. 5. Inspirational Women 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

    Inspirational Women 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

    Celebrate inspirational women from around the world with this Inspirational Women 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle....

  6. 6. The Yes and No Button Pack

    The Yes and No Button Pack

    Bring some humour to otherwise mundane situations with the hilarious Yes and No Button Pack on your desk to do the talking for you....

  7. 7. Ridleys Avocado Smash Game

    Ridleys Avocado Smash Game

    Ridley's Avocado Smash Game is a fast-paced family card game where the first player to get rid of all their cards is the winner....

  8. 8. Ballerina Wooden Musical Box

    Ballerina Wooden Musical Box

    This Ballerina Music Box is a must have gift for any little dancer. The ballerinas twirl around gracefully to the classic tune of Waltz of the Flowers....

  9. 9. UGears Hurdy Gurdy

    UGears Hurdy Gurdy

    The Ugears Hurdy Gurdy shows off the team at Ugears skill of expanding the creative world of hobbies and transforming the art of assembly into an exciting...

  10. 10. Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pot Mug

    Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pot Mug

    Isn't it funny how a bear loves Hunny This Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pot Mug has been sculpted to resemble Pooh's favourite "hunny" pot....

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