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Novelty Socks

Novelty Socks

Blow your old boring socks out of the water & adorn your feet with these funny, quirky & just plain crazy cotton novelty socks! From nerdy socks, to Unicorn & Sloth socks, Dad socks to Mum socks, there's something to tickle everyone's toes! Thousands of these novelty socks have been shipped all over Australia, shop the coolest range below.

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Why Do People Wear Novelty Socks?

Novelty socks are a hot fashion trend for both men and women. The question is: why do people wear novelty socks? A lot of people like to wear them as a way of being unique and making an individual statement. Others wear them as a form of self-expression. Some people like to wear novelty socks because they are fun and quirky, but there’s more than just that going on here! There is culture in the wearing of these types of socks: some people believe it brings good fortune or happiness when worn. 

The impact wearing a pair of fun and creative socks can be huge. Doing so can boost your self-esteem, make you feel more creative and bring a smile to someone else’s face!

Socks have been around for centuries but what we can tell it wasn't until the 1920's when they began to turn into an art form. One of the the first times novelty socks were seen was in 1926 with a man wearing them in a painting by Matisse. He was wearing red, white and blue striped socks! 

The truth behind why people wear novelty socks is that they allow you to be different and show off your personality while still being comfortable. Whether it's because of the nature of their design as eye catching or simply for fashion. 

The Coolest Novelty Socks in Australia

Well thats our claim... Maybe you're wondering what novelty socks are... Novelty socks are simply socks that are not plain and boring. They are usually made with bright colours, funny sayings or fun characters on them! Socks are great for giving as gifts or tucking away in the car as something to surprise someone with on your next big road trip adventure! For those stuck in a rut who need a little more pep in their step - try wearing a pair of these cool new funky feet adornments, no make that super duper hip novelty socks today! Bring a little bit of chaos to your feet with our novelty socks. The possibilities are endless with these creative designs and fun graphics!

Why not treat Mum or Dad with a pair of these funny unique australian socks for their birthday, fathers day, mothers day or Christmas? No matter what they're into, we've got it covered. Regardless of age - even if they're over 50!

Here at CoolThings Australia most of our funny socks are a one size fits all size. Exception being our baby/toddler size socks.

Socks as Stocking Stuffers

We all know that stocking fillers can be hard to come by, but we have a solution for you. Be a start and give your best friend an awesome pair of novelty socks this year! Take their favourite genre or interest and make it cool. We've got 5 star rated socks that are funny and socks that are quirky. And let's not forget about pop culture socks like socks for gaming & gamers.

Why settle for an ordinary gift when you can bring a little excitement to their present? Novelty cotton socks are the perfect antidote if you don't know what else to get someone and they're always on-trend. Plus, these premium funky designs will never go out of fashion.

Australian Kids Novelty Socks

Novelty socks make a great gift for kids! Surprise them with sock designs with animals, hearts, bears, and unicorns. These socks will remind your little one of their favourite interests and also help them look cool. We have a variety of styles for both boys and girls to suit every personality too!

Fun Socks for Australian Men

Our Novelty Socks make a great gift for men. Treat your man or purchase as a cool gag gift for any guy in your life. These socks are soft to the touch and durable, with cool designs on them that are fun too - giving a pair of these socks to a man is not limited to just the holidays! Men can love funny gifts like socks too. 

Fun Socks for Mum

What could be funnier than these Novelty socks? If you're looking for a great gift for mum, then our Novelty Socks are the perfect choice! They make an unexpected and original present because they'll put a smile on her face too.

Fun Socks for Nanna

If you’ve been looking for a novel way to gift up your grandma this holiday season then these novelty socks are just what you need! They'll make her toes feel warm and fuzzy on a cold day and keep her feet comfy with their quality material all year round. There are plenty of designs to choose from so she can show off your unique personality while keeping hers (or yours) private too. Our range has been personally curated in Australia by our sock experts and using only high-quality materials, you can give nanna everything she wants - without waiting in line at the store.

Fun Socks for Grandpa

What's sweeter than a grandpa? These Novelty Socks! They're the perfect gift for grandparents at the holidays or during birthdays! It doesn't matter if you want to give a pair as a serious present, or just use them to make your grandparent laugh. Let them know how much you appreciate their life and all they have done with these novel socks!

Socks That Cause People To Smile

Who doesn't want to put a smile on someone's face? With the select range of Novelty Socks here at CoolThings Australia, you can do just that. Our fun socks make great gifts for any occasion or as a unique treat for yourself. In addition, these designs impact people in many different ways, so the smiles that get generated are always one-of-a-kind!

Fun Socks That Get You A Laugh

These fun socks will make you and your feet happy! Pop them on at family gatherings to get all the laughs. Perfect for kids too. Give a pair or even a pack of them away as a party prize for extra points with your party goers.

Seven Benefits Of Wearing Funny Novelty Socks!

  1. Funny Socks are a great conversation starter.

  2. Unique socks show your personality.

  3. Socks have a unique style, a novelty that will stand out from everyone else.

  4. They're funny & comfortable to wear.

  5. You'll be the talk of the office.

  6. Get a laugh from your friends and family.

  7. You'll feel like a million bucks wearing our socks instead of boring black or blue cotton socks.

Top 10 Sock & Pack Options!

Here's our list of the top 10 most popular Socks and Sock Pack options

  1. 1. Sloth Socks

    Sloth Socks

    If you're feeling lazy, don you Sloth Socks and put your feet up, they're socks with perfect soles....

  2. 2. Pug Socks

    Pug Socks

    Don't have a furry friend to snuggle up to at the end of the working week? These Pug Socks are sure to keep you company....

  3. 3. Feet Speak Unicorn Socks

    Feet Speak Unicorn Socks

    If you strive to be one of a kind, these Feet Speak Unicorn Socks are just for you. Wear them as a reminder, that dreams really do come true. Go on, run wi...

  4. 4. Feet Speak Socks Old Fart

    Feet Speak Socks Old Fart

    Everyone knows an old fart that loves to rock socks with sandals for comfort. Is it your dad Grandad They're sure to love these Feet Speak Socks Old Fart...

  5. 5. Donut Judge Me Socks

    Donut Judge Me Socks

    Eat whatever you want, whenever you want with these hilarious Donut Judge Me Socks!...

  6. 6. Feet Speak French Bulldog Socks

    Feet Speak French Bulldog Socks

    Add a playful addition to your sock collection with these Feet Speak French Bulldog Socks....

  7. 7. Feet Speak Hot Dog Socks

    Feet Speak Hot Dog Socks

    These Feet Speak Hot Dog Socks feature smartly dressed dachshunds with floppy brown ears....

  8. 8. Feet Speak Game Over Socks

    Feet Speak Game Over Socks

    It's time to power-up your shoe game with these classic Feet Speak Game Over Socks for gamers....

  9. 9. Feet Speak Bearly Awake Socks

    Feet Speak Bearly Awake Socks

    These Feet Speak Bearly Awake Socks are perfect for those among us who love to hibernate....

  10. 10. Feet Speak Bring Snacks Socks

    Feet Speak Bring Snacks Socks

    Keep calm and bring snacks. Let every bunny know your intentions with these Feet Speak Bring Snacks bunny socks....

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