Quirky Gifts

Quirky Gifts

You've found your way to our Quirky Gifts Australia category. Here's where you’ll find our personally curated selections and results for the quirkiest people in your life. You know the humans we mean, those friends and family who deviate from the customary. They’re a bit bizarre. Curious. Lovers of Life. A little eccentric but also oddly attractive. They have a peculiar way of thinking about things and are also kind-of unusual. So if you’re looking for a cool quirky gift, accessories, something funky, quirky presents for someone in your life then here’s where you’ll find them.

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Quirky Gifts for the Quirkiest People In Your Life

We love quirky people, they're a great lot of fun! Maybe a little wacky, unique individuals. They make life interesting because they are lovers of life and always have a different point of view. Our gifts for quirky people category has a big bunch of quirky presents and quirky gift ideas that makes you add up to being the coolest gift giver. You can also make your gift personalised by using our easy to use gift wrapping option.

For Funky People

The dictionary describes a funky person as modern and stylish in an unconventional or striking way. Example "she likes wearing funky clothes" - buy them a unique gift for their birthday, a cool novelty or browse many gadgets here at CoolThings Australia

Quirky Man Dressed in Funky Clothes.
Quirky Man Dressed in Funky Clothes.

Quirky Socks

If they're a quirky sock wearer then checkout our socks department, lots of cool quirky gift ideas to be had.

For The Classic Quirky Customer

For a classically quirky gift that's stood the test of time, one of the most popular choices has been the tried and true Vibrating Head Tickler.

Top 25 Quirky Gifts & Unique Gift Ideas

Here you will find a detailed list of the top 25 Quirky Gifts we've shipped all around Australia since opening in 2003.

  1. 1. Stab It Syringe Pen
  2. 2. Finger Hands Finger Puppet
  3. 3. Squeeze Mouse and Cheese
  4. 4. Meerkat Wall Climber
  5. 5. Beaker Mug
  6. 6. Propeller Hat
  7. 7. Nee-Doh Dohjees
  8. 8. UGears Steampunk Clock
  9. 9. SpyX Secret Voice Changer
  10. 10. Wind Up Australian Butterfly 5 Pack
  11. 11. Astronaut Pencil Sharpener
  12. 12. OCD Desk Warning Sign
  13. 13. Glow in the Dark Finger Hands Finger Puppets 5 Pack
  14. 14. Hairball Kitty
  15. 15. Blood Bath Shower Gel
  16. 16. Finger Cats Finger Puppets 4 Pack
  17. 17. The Element of Denial Mug
  18. 18. Madheadz Pug Party Mask
  19. 19. Robotime DIY Flower Pot Koala
  20. 20. Pup in a Cup
  21. 21. Genius Paper Clip Holder
  22. 22. Car Full of Aliens Auto Shade
  23. 23. Pringles Double Sided 250pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  24. 24. The Element of Realisation Mug
  25. 25. The Element of Surprise Mug

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