Take your taste buds on an adventure with all new Astronaut Ice Cream!

This official NASA approved Ice Cream is the perfect light snack for taking into orbit, just like a real life astronaut!

It's completely freeze dried which means that most of the water has been removed, ready for eating straight from the pack!

There's no refrigeration needed, and if you don't finish it in one sitting, the package is easily resealable.

Tantalise your taste buds as the dry crunchy textured slice melts in your mouth, taking on the rich creamy flavour of vanilla!

It tastes delicious, it's light enough to take on long trips, and it won't drip all down your space suit!

Is it real ice cream?
Yes, each Astronaut Ice Cream pack contains a rectangle slice of freeze-dried, edible vanilla ice cream and comes in a resealable pack.

What does it taste like?
It's dry, crunchy and has the same texture as the centre of a Malteser. It melts when you pop it in your mouth, like honeycomb!

Please note: Contains milk, may contain traces of peanuts, soy, gluten and tree nuts.

List of Ingredients:
Low fat milk, glucose syrup (wheat), sugar, water, milk solids, cream, maltodexrin, vegetable origin emulsifiers, 477,471 (Soy) Vegetable Gum (412) flavour, colour (160b).

Approximate Net weight 15 grams (inner ice cream sachet is open to facilitate processing).

Made in Tasmania, Australia.

Astronaut Ice Cream Reviews

Awesome gift! Ki

By: Amy on 3 October 2020
Awesome gift! Kids and adults just amazed with whole experience! Thank you would buy again!

a big hit

By: Yves on 30 December 2019
This was a big hit with the kids. Best thing is, they think I had to visit a space station to buy this for them;)

Ultimate gift

By: Anita Walters on 27 December 2019
This was the ultimate gift for someone who is hard to buy for. Unique and a little quirky I loved the quailty of the product and would definitely buy more.

so cool

By: Courtney on 25 November 2019
My son was sooo excited to try this because he is going through an outer space phase. He tried and and loved it. It’s so cool!

great for astronaut themed parties

By: Georgie on 7 September 2019
Novelty is great! It does taste like vanilla ice cream, although at the same time very different being that it is freeze-dried. Would be great for astronaut themed parties!

Space Ice Cream

By: Tim Smith on 27 March 2019
Great product. Tastes just like ice cream!

Try it

By: Kellie.S on 9 February 2019
I purchased one for and 2 more to give as Kris Kringle and stocking stuffers.This is a fun gift.It does taste like ice cream but hot ice cream.Put some cold water in your mouth to give the ice cream a chill .I recommend this product

Astro-WHAATT Ice cream !

By: Sevim on 25 October 2018
I love love looovee this astronaut ice cream. It was the very first time I tried it. If only there was more in the packaging it would be so much more satisfying ! Delivery time also was zip zap! Thank you !

Blast off for dessert!

By: Nicola on 5 September 2018
I bought the astronaut ice cream for a space themed cub camp and they were amazed at how something solid could taste so much like ice cream! Great novelty value

Blast off for fun!

By: Archer on 9 July 2018
To say that my kids were excited would be an understatement - they loved this - they talked about it heaps - and really enjoyed eating it. We bought three and so their was lots of discussion about it - “when can we have the next one”. Only critique was the cost - but was worth it for the excitement for the little ones.

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