With this awesome Astronaut Ice Cream 5 Pack you get five packets of rich creamy vanilla freeze dried ice cream!

These cool snacks have been freeze-dried ready for eating straight from the pack, no water or refrigeration necessary!

They make great party favours or snacks for long hikes!

Your pack includes: 5 x packs of Astronaut Ice Cream

Please note: Contains milk, may contain traces of peanuts, soy, gluten and tree nuts.

List of Ingredients:
Low fat milk, glucose syrup (wheat), sugar, water, milk solids, cream, maltodexrin, vegetable origin emulsifiers (477,471 Soy) vegetable gum (412) flavour, colour (160b).

Approximate Net weight of each pack is 15 grams (Inner ice cream sachet is open to facilitate processing).

Made in Tasmania, Australia

Astronaut Ice Cream 5 Pack Reviews

I used these for

By: Nicole Buccilli on 26 May 2021
I used these for a taste testing experiment in the classroom. The kids loved it and thought it was so cool!

Just like the real thing, only crunchy

By: Max Garrod on 2 September 2019
Just like the real thing, only crunchy. Yea, I know, that monkey used to say the same thing about " Coco-Pops" but this stuff is amazing. It really lasts about as long as a "choc top" at the pictures to eat the lot, but damn the girlish good figure. Really worth the money to have something so different, so don't be a tight-arse, give it a go, please enjoy.

grandkids loved the astronaut ice cream

By: Sophie on 25 June 2019
My five year old grandson nearly ate all of his at once and refers to it as rocket ice cream because of the photo on the front of the packet. He did save a small piece that he intended to share with a little girl that was going to be visiting later that afternoon. My three year old granddaughter also loved it and she was even willing to give her brother an extra piece from her packet once he’d almost eaten all of the rest of his. She did however ask me to put the rest of the packet onto the highest shelf in her wardrobe, a shelf so high that even she couldn’t get it without help. I think she was afraid her brother would pinch it. My 37 year old son got really excited when he first saw the packets – “Is that what I think it is. Astronaut ice cream?” He’d been reasonably young when I first discovered it so it was a bit of a walk down memory lane for him. My grandson wanted me to get him another 10 packets. I have ordered another packet of five but won’t order them again until around Xmas time. It could get a bit too expensive to keep ordering them too quickly. I can’t wait for the new lot to arrive. Cheers, Sophie

Space Icecream

By: Karen on 4 April 2019
I bought the icecream for my class to inspire them to try something new, experience something a real astronaut would have done and to see their faces while they were eating ! The icecream was excellent and the kids loved it. Ordering and delivery was simple and fast and I can’t rate Cool Things highly enough.

What a childhood flashback!

By: Darryl on 11 March 2019
I first had Astronaut Icecream when I was a kid at the World Expo 88! I saw this on your site and had to get some. I'm really happy to say that it hasn't changed at all and it's exactly how I remembered it. Thanks for helping me be 12yrs old again!

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