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Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Boys

Whether it's your own little boy or one you know, this is this category for awesome Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Boys. Here's where you'll find a personally curated list of cool gift ideas for three year old boys. Find the perfect gifts for birthday presents, Christmas, or just because!

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3 Year old Boy Gifts

Go gaga over our gifts your 3 year old boy will absolutely love! Our team picks only the most popular and coolest 3 year old present ideas on the market right now. You won't get bored browsing through our range of presents for 3 year old boys. With so many options to choose from, we know you'll find the best gift for your little dude. From least to most expensive, find presents for your young little man here!

Top Gifts In 2022 For 3 Year old Boys

We've compiled a most popular list of the coolest gifts for your 3 year old this year. As voted by cool gift givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite gifts & present ideas that we've shipped all over Australia.

  1. 1. LED Touch Lamp Dino

    LED Touch Lamp Dino

    Delight sweet dreamers with the safe, soft glow from the LED Touch Lamp Dino....

  2. 2. LED Touch Lamp Unicorn

    LED Touch Lamp Unicorn

    Delight sweet dreamers with the safe, soft glow from the LED Touch Lamp Unicorn....

  3. 3. LED Touch Lamp Koala

    LED Touch Lamp Koala

    Ready to add some magic to your little ones room with one seriously cute creature You will fall in love with this gorgeous LED Touch Lamp Koala, celebrati...

  4. 4. LED Touch Lamp Bunny

    LED Touch Lamp Bunny

    The LED Touch Lamp Bunny is the cutest little light to brighten the night....

  5. 5. LED Touch Lamp Dog

    LED Touch Lamp Dog

    This LED Touch Lamp Dog is a trusted and loyal buddy for your child at night....

  6. 6. LED Touch Lamp Bear

    LED Touch Lamp Bear

    This LED Touch Lamp Bear is a special little pal that gently lights up your bedroom with a soft warm glow....

  7. 7. LED Touch Lamp Shark

    LED Touch Lamp Shark

    If you like sharks, and you like cool stuff, the LED Touch Lamp Shark is the perfect accessory for you....

  8. 8. LED Touch Lamp Triceratops

    LED Touch Lamp Triceratops

    Does your little one love dinosaurs Let the LED Touch Lamp Triceratops capture their imagination....

  9. 9. Classic Row Along Bath Crocodile

    Classic Row Along Bath Crocodile

    Make Bath time Fun. This Classic Row Along Bath Crocodile is ready to row his little boat right across your bathtub....

  10. 10. Rocket Science for Babies

    Rocket Science for Babies

    Rocket Science for Babies is a funny way to introduce young children to the laws of physics....

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