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No matter what you call your cat, whether its fur kid, the cat, companion, the baby/my baby, friend, or even buddy, you'll find a cool gift & present idea for cat and fans of cat's here in Australia's coolest presents for cat lovers category "Gifts for Cat Lovers". From cat puzzles to cat toys, even gifts to celebrate the arrival of a new kitten into the household. So if you're a lover or know someone who loves cat's then browse on below for a personally curated range of cat lover gifts.

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CoolThings Australia has you covered when looking for a cool gift to celebrate your cat. Each and every cat gift idea here goes through our personal coolness check then gets vetted by cool cat gift givers like yourself before taking there place amongst the range. We always are on the lookout for the best gifts for cat's as we search the world during our cool gift giver adventures.

Use our wishlist feature to prepare ahead and save the date for future cat gifting occasions. Birthdays for cat's, Christmas for cats, Mothers Day for owners of cat's , Special Occasions & more, the team here love picking out cool gift ideas for cat lovers.

Gifts for Cat Lovers Frequently Asked Questions:

What to get for people who love cats?

Most cat owners are proud of their cat, in fact you may have noticed they can exhibit a certain eagerness to "always" share stories of what their cat gets up to. If they're into sharing photos then you can't go past the kitty phone clip which is a cool cat gift idea.

Cool Gift for Kitten or Cat Lovers
Kitty Phone Clip - Cool Gift for Kitten & Cat Lovers alike.

What do cat owners & people who own cat's like?

If you're buying for a friend, family member, work mate or even for someone who all you know about is that they "own a cat" then we'd suggest one of our cool cat desk signs that you'll find on this page.

What day Is cat mothers day?

Cat Mothers day is held on the second Sunday of May each year.

What's a cool gift idea for someone who has just got a new kitten ?

We love the new Meow Luxe Pet Bowl from the Australia company Bendo.

What are the best cat gifts you have in stock right now?

See our section below for the all time most popular cat lovers gifts.

Do people seriously buy cat gifts ?

Yes, they actually do - its a favourite category.

Luxury gifts for cat lovers

Want a cool luxury gift for lovers of cats?

If they're into the finer things, maybe they're lovers of a good glass of wine then you'll love our Wine Lives Kitty Wine Markers.

Top 10 Gifts for Cat Lovers in Australia

Australia's list of the top 10 most popular gifts for cat lovers, below are the all time favourites ideas and have been the most popular purchased all year round. Shop for a awesome gift for your cat or cat lover from this 5 star rated range.

  1. 1. Little Cat Mischief Savings Box
  2. 2. Cat Stax
  3. 3. Finger Cats Finger Puppet
  4. 4. Warm it Up Cat USB Cup Warmer
  5. 5. Wine Lives Kitty Wine Markers
  6. 6. Cat Lovers Playing Cards
  7. 7. Finger Cats Finger Puppets 4 Pack
  8. 8. Kitty Phone Clip
  9. 9. Meow Luxe Pet Bowl
  10. 10. I Was the Boss Until I Got A Cat Desk Sign

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