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Shark Toys

Here's where you'll find the most popular Shark Toys available at CoolThings Australia. Browse through our range of personally selected Toys with a Shark Theme; you're sure to find something they'll love!

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Welcome to the Shark Toys Department

CoolThings Australia has a awesome range of cool and interesting Shark Toys. Our Toys with a Shark Theme are unique, fun and hand picked by our team! We love finding and helping people find the coolest Toys with a Shark Theme. After all, arn't shark people the best people to shop for? Browse the range above.

Top Shark Toys For 2022

We've compiled a most popular list of the coolest Shark Toys this year. As voted by cool gift givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite gifts & Toys with a Shark Theme that we've shipped all over Australia.

  1. 1. 1001 Cool Freaky Facts

    1001 Cool Freaky Facts

    In this book there are 1001 cool, freaky, funny, fabulous, foul, frightening, far-out, full-on, fascinating, first-class, phenomenal, fantastic facts for y...

  2. 2. Big Jaws Fizzy Shark

    Big Jaws Fizzy Shark

    Drop your egg shaped fizz bomb into water and transform it into something exciting. Whizz, pop, fizz, your Big Jaws Fizzy Shark goes off in water as if it...

  3. 3. Squishy Fish

    Squishy Fish

    Squish, squeeze and stretch your salubrious Squishy Fish....

  4. 4. Big Jaws Fizzy Shark 4 Pack

    Big Jaws Fizzy Shark 4 Pack

    Whizz, pop, fizz. This Big Jaws Fizzy Sharks go off in water as if it they are loaded with mini fireworks. Watch and experience the miraculous birth of 4 c...

  5. 5. LED Touch Lamp Shark

    LED Touch Lamp Shark

    If you like sharks, and you like cool stuff, the LED Touch Lamp Shark is the perfect accessory for you....

  6. 6. Deep Sea Roaming Moving Wooden Music Box

    Deep Sea Roaming Moving Wooden Music Box

    This Deep Sea Roaming Moving Wooden Music Box is a beautifully hand-crafted music box from Wooderful Life and will make a wonderful gift for both the young...

  7. 7. Creatto Shimmer Shark and Ocean Pals

    Creatto Shimmer Shark and Ocean Pals

    The Creatto Shimmer Shark and Ocean Pals is a big and beautiful building kit for constructing light up 3D ocean creations....

  8. 8. Money Munchers

    Money Munchers


  9. 9. Go Blob Fish

    Go Blob Fish


  10. 10. Green Science Aqua Robot

    Green Science Aqua Robot

    Build a solar-powered Green Science Aqua Robot that paddles and swims along the water when the sun shines....

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