Pop Vinyl Figures

If you’ve never given into the Pop Figure craze and are too broke to do anything about that, get ready to meet your newest toy obsession! Here at CoolThings Australia, we know how much of a hassle it can be when trying to find the perfect POP figure for your desk. With this category of Pop Vinyl figures, you can find some of your favorite pop culture icons and characters from movies, TV shows, games and much more. Check out our awesome selection below!

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Have Fun Collecting Pops

Collecting Pop Figures has become a must in recent years, and with why not? They’re adorable! If you love your favorite TV show or movie, chances are there is a Pop Figure of one of the main stars. CoolThings Australia gives you quick access to a select range of popular vinyl figures. Send them as gifts for your loved ones and friends. If the search for the perfect collectible Pop Vinyl figure has left you empty handed, we’ve got just what you need!

10 Reasons People Collect Pop Vinyl Figures

There are a lot of reasons why people collect pop vinyl figures. Here's 10 that we came up with:

  1. Because its fun to be a collector.
  2. Because they are relatively inexpensive to collect.
  3. Because they are fun to buy, open and display.
  4. Because they take up little space compared to most other hobbies
  5. Because the lines of figures is always continuously changing with plenty of different styles to choose from (new ones coming out every year)
  6. Because it's a Hobby that can easily be enjoyed on your own or collaboratively with other collectors and friends.
  7. Because it's a conversation starter. Most people who encounter pop vinyl collectors are naturally curious about the hobby of collecting these figures because they've never heard of it before in their life. Because inevitably you find someone at least one thing in common with, and when that happens you can talk to each other for hours.
  8. Because they make great gifts, especially for children because of the bright colours.  Because you can easily display them on your desk at work.
  9. Because you can display them in a creative way on the wall.
  10. And finally,  Because POP VINYLS ARE HUGGABLE!!!!!!