Gifts for 10 Year Olds

Find the coolest and most popular gifts for 10 year olds here at CoolThings Australia. 10 year olds love creating mayhem, staying up late, acting silly with friends & siblings which is why we've put together the below specially curated gift ideas list for you to browse through; you're sure to find something your 10 year old will love!

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Hitting double digits is an awesome milestone for any 10 year old. Ten year olds are forming their ideas, developing opinions and working out how their view relates in this big wide world. We have searched and selected the best gifts that any ten year old will love no matter what their interests, whether they are playing games or climbing trees, loves creating or loves kicking a ball around. This great range of unique gifts is perfect for the coolest ten year olds in your life.

5 Reasons To Shop Here For Your 10 Year Old

  1. You'll find a large range of gifts for 10 year olds here.
  2. We have gifts for boys, gifts for girls and children of all ages.
  3. CoolThings Australia offers free delivery on all orders over $99 (You need to login to claim - excludes bulky items)
  4. Our gifts for 10 year olds are fun and chosen for their "smiles" & "Laughter" potential
  5. Find gifts suitable for multiple occasions - Birthdays, Christmas.

Top 10 Gifts For 10 Year Olds For 2022

We've compiled a most popular list of the coolest gifts and Presents for 10 year olds this year as voted by cool gift givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite gifts & present ideas that we've shipped all over Australia!

  1. 1. Astronaut Ice Cream

    Astronaut Ice Cream

    Take your taste buds on an adventure with all new Astronaut Ice Cream. This official NASA approved Ice Cream is the perfect light snack for taking into orb...

  2. 2. LED Poi Ball Twin Pack

    LED Poi Ball Twin Pack

    Having one LED Poi Ball is cool, but having two Poi Balls swinging around at once is totally awesome....

  3. 3. Vortex Valve Tornado Tube

    Vortex Valve Tornado Tube

    The cool vortex valve tornado tube is designed to demonstrate how a tornado is created and lets you generate your very own Tornado in a soft drink bottle....

  4. 4. Magic Balloon Paste

    Magic Balloon Paste

    Magic Balloon Paste lets you create your own Magical Balloons, mold them into different shapes as you blow and stick freshly blown bubbles together to make...

  5. 5. LED Poi Ball

    LED Poi Ball

    Introducing the magical Maori dance art of Poi. CoolThings Australia LED Poi Balls are a great way to have fun, day or night, individually or in group, tak...

  6. 6. Pop Up A Rocket Launcher

    Pop Up A Rocket Launcher

    Use this Rocket Launcher to launch a foam rocket high into the air just by stomping on the cool Pop up a Rocket Launch pad....

  7. 7. Rockets (4 Pack)

    Rockets (4 Pack)

    With these four Rockets its simple, you get more ammo and more fun... Suits the Mini Speedy Rocket or Pop up a Rocket Launcher....

  8. 8. Jumping Putty

    Jumping Putty

    Jumping Putty really does jump (or bounce) when you roll it into a ball....

  9. 9. Fibre Optic Hair Clip - 3Pk

    Fibre Optic Hair Clip - 3Pk

    These cool Fibre Optic Hair Clip have around 60 fibre optic strands ranging in length from 10cm to 35cm and can also be personalised to any length by cutti...

  10. 10. Squeeze Mouse and Cheese

    Squeeze Mouse and Cheese

    This Squeeze Mouse and Cheese is a stretchy yellow cube of Swiss cheese is home to a pair of similarly elastic tiny white mice. Featuring a variety of che...

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