Gifts Under $20

Yes, that's right – we do have awesome gifts under $20! CoolThings Australia can help you find amazing presents, no matter who it is for, your mum, sister, dad or better half, we have the right gift for all of them, including the distant cousin and the random work colleague whose you name you pulled for this years Secret Santa. Create a wishlist of your favourite toys, games, puzzles or simply buy one of our best sellers right now to give to a friend or keep for yourself. 

If you have a limit on how much you want to spend on birthday, Christmas, farewell, welcome back or any of all the other occasions that call for gifts, make sure to check out our large selection of great gifts at incredibly low prices. 

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Common Questions about Gifts Under $20

What are good gifts under $20?

Personally we are lovers of cool & interesting gift idea and that is most certainly possible to acheive with our personally curated range of gift idea under $20 dollars. Simply browse and pick one or more from our range on this page! 

What's a good unisex gift for $20?

For a unisex gift idea under $20 we recommend you go for something a little unique. Buy something that someone wouldn't normally pick, it could be one of our funky accessories, a novelty item or even one of our best sellers in this category.

Is it possible to get toys that will last?

Yes, even though the price is small you can still get one or more cool gift ideas that will not break the bank but still last - As long as its taken care of course!

Do you have gifts for Secret Santa?

We sure do, we love Secret Santa events and parties. You'll find heaps of ideas here.

I'm looking for a gift under $20 suitable for an office party, can you help.

Sure thing, you'll find hundreds of ideas on this page.