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Girls Toys

Here's where you'll find the most popular Girls Toys available at CoolThings Australia. Browse through our range of personally selected Toys for Girls; you're sure to find something they'll love! Before you yell out "BUT All Toys Can Be For Girls!" please read more about why we created and choose the cool items in our Girls Toys category at the bottom of this page.

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Welcome to the Girls Toys Department

CoolThings Australia has a super range of cool and interesting Girls Toys. Our Toys for Girls are unique, fun and hand picked by our team! We love finding and helping people find the coolest Toys for Girls. After all, females are the best people to shop for!

Why Do You Have a Girls Toy Category?

Great question, we found people typing into search "Girls Toys" and wanted a category that specifically helped people searching for girls toys. That doesn't mean we believe other products are not suitable for girls. It also doens't mean that these products are not suitable for boys either. If you're buying for a girl then feel welcome to also check out our other cool departments, they might be into TV & Movie Merchandise or even cool science projects. We certainly believe in equal gift options no matter the gender.

Top Girls Toys For 2022

We've compiled a most popular list of the coolest Girls Toys this year. As voted by cool gift givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite gifts & Toys for Girls that we've shipped all over Australia.

  1. 1. Magnetic Sand Timer

    Magnetic Sand Timer

    Whilst your normal hour glass lets the grains of sand flow and rest at the bottom, your Magnetic Sand Timer creates quite a different picture and can creat...

  2. 2. Duncan - The Drinking Bird

    Duncan - The Drinking Bird

    Duncan the Drinking Bird is a fun desktop companion and classic novelty item. Fill a glass with cold water and submerge his head in the water getting it co...

  3. 3. Squeeze Mouse and Cheese

    Squeeze Mouse and Cheese

    This Squeeze Mouse and Cheese is a stretchy yellow cube of Swiss cheese is home to a pair of similarly elastic tiny white mice. Featuring a variety of che...

  4. 4. Looky Periscope

    Looky Periscope

    The Looky Periscope with its vibrant design allows you to see around corners, above walls and in all sorts of hard to reach places. Available in multiple c...

  5. 5. Sonic Spinner

    Sonic Spinner

    This classic Sonic Spinner is an exciting activity for kids who love the thrill of flashing lights and whirring sounds....

  6. 6. UFO Balloons

    UFO Balloons

    Blow up these balloons and let them loose in your garden. Watch them spin madly until they land....

  7. 7. Cracked Dinosaur Egg - Hatch and Grow

    Cracked Dinosaur Egg - Hatch and Grow

    This little dinosaur is counting on you to help him emerge from his shell. So pop your egg in some water and watch as your dinosaur begins to break through...

  8. 8. The Fly Assassin

    The Fly Assassin

    Aim and shoot The Fly Assassin at your target. Its as simple as load, aim, fire. Splat. And that pesky fly is history....

  9. 9. Gooey Mesh Keyring

    Gooey Mesh Keyring

    Squeeze your Gooey Mesh Keyring and watch the contrasting gel on the inside of the ball squash through the mesh to create smooth bubbles. Its a great porta...

  10. 10. Pin Art

    Pin Art

    Let your imagination run wild with this 3D Pin Art desk toy. Just tip the pins over any small object to create a unique 3D impression. Its great stress-fre...

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