Forget flipping a coin, this new random Decision Maker Magnetic Pendulum will give you the choice you need!

Simply ask any yes or no decision-making question, and watch the metal pendulum rock across the choice maker wheel base.

The ball will gradually slow and settle on the answer to your question. Watch in anticipation as it's pulled back and forth deciding your verdict!

Responses Include: Not Right Now, Take the Risk, Yes, No, See Your Therapist and Sleep On It.

It's a truly mystifying experience... (or perhaps the base is loaded with multiple magic magnets). Who knows!

It's the perfect executive desk toy that every one will like! Much better than a boring phone app.

Made of plastic. Dimensions: 10cm in diameter at base, 22cm tall.

Recommended for ages 14 and up.


Decision Maker Magnetic Pendulum Reviews

Fun fun

By: Vera Lucia de Souza Pereira on 13 December 2021
chose this as a gift and was a complete success!!

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