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Find the coolest and most popular Gifts for Men. Browse through our range of hand picked best gifts for guys here; you're sure to find something your man will love. From novelty mugs to funky desk toys we have your man gifts covered. If you're looking for the coolest birthday present ideas for men or a simply a popular selection of cool birthday ideas for men you'll find them here too. View range below.

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Welcome To The Gifts for Men Department

CoolThings Australia has you covered when looking for a cool gift for your man or any man you have to find a gift for for that matter. We'll be upfront, you'll won't find millions of products listed here like Amazon or other online shops. We only target the coolest gifts for men we've found from around the world here. In fact each and every gift idea here goes through our personal coolness check then gets vetted by cool gift givers like yourself before taking there place amongst the range.

Feel welcome to use our quick to use wishlist feature to prepare ahead and save the date for future gifting occasions. Birthdays, Christmas, Fathers Day, Special Occasions & more, the team here love picking out cool gift ideas for men. Have fun and shop well!

Shop By Your Man's Personality:

Got a man with a unique personality? Never fear CoolThings Australia is here. Find more cool gift ideas for men below:

Gifts for Whovian Guys

If he's into Doctor Who then you'll find something here, you don't even need to worry that you don't know what a "Whovian" is.

Gifts for Golfers

If he's into Golf then you'll find something fun for him here. From trick golfballs to golfing desk ornaments.

Gifts for Builders

For guys who love to build things, you'll find a huge range of things to construct and make here.

Puzzle Gifts

Your man love a good puzzle? You'll find something fun for him to nut out here. Some of these 3D puzzles are hard.

Gadgets for Men

A man's gotta have his gadgets, here in the Men's Gadgets department you'll find all sorts of gadgetry and gizmos he'll love.

Commonly Asked Questions about Gifts for Men

What is the best mens gift for him you recommend?

That's a subjective question, our thoughts are that the best gift for a man is something that is thought out and has meaning. That means picking out something that connects with him in some way. Maybe he's a collector of interesting things, maybe he's a man's man and likes man cave gifts. Have a browse though our gifts for men category and you'll be sure to find something he's gonna love.

What do I buy a man who wants nothing?

I'll let you in on a secret... Most men want something even when they say don't get me anything. If you're not sure then a good idea might be to check out our gifts for men who have everything category. 

What are some quick cheap gifts for guys you have available now?

If you're looking for specific ideas, a present, gift idea or simply something rated as cool at the lower price point then use the sort buy feature to sort by price. We also show stock availability right on the product near the add to cart button so you'll always know whether its available or not.

Do men like thoughtful gifts?

When asked this question, "Do guys like getting thoughtful gifts?" we say YES they do. As long as your gift can be connected to something he is in to and can show him how much you know about who he really is, he will be a happy chappy. There is nothing better than seeing the face of the man in your life light up when he receives a special, thoughtful and cool gift from you.

Do you guys sell Hampers suitable for Men?

No, we don't sell men's hampers at the moment. We do however have some cool packs and bundles that have some great ideas in them. Plus you can save some dollars too.

Top 25 Gifts for Men in Australia

Australia's list of the 25 most popular gifts for men, these are the all time favourites picks and have been the most popular. Shop for a gift for your man from this rated as cool by guys list.

  1. 1. Stab It Syringe Pen
  2. 2. Magnetic Sand Timer
  3. 3. 10 in 1 Credit Card Multitool
  4. 4. Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy
  5. 5. Giant Pencil
  6. 6. Mensa Sudoku Cube
  7. 7. Fluffy Dice
  8. 8. Fitzroys Storm Glass
  9. 9. Planetary Gemstones
  10. 10. Exploder
  11. 11. Star Wars Dark Side Door Mat
  12. 12. Awesome Foursome Golf Pack
  13. 13. Hexbug Battlebots Rivals
  14. 14. Silverlit Balloon Puncher Robo Kombat Twin Pack
  15. 15. Propeller Hat
  16. 16. The Survivor Handitool
  17. 17. Decision Maker Magnetic Pendulum
  18. 18. Doctor Who Tardis A5 Notebook
  19. 19. Unputtaball
  20. 20. Bike Light Set
  21. 21. UGears Hurdy Gurdy
  22. 22. Feet Speak Socks Old Fart
  23. 23. Batman Welcome to the Batcave Door Mat
  24. 24. Bike Phone Holder
  25. 25. Airzooka

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