Golf can drive you mad at the best of times, so if you know someone who takes golf too seriously, it's time to pull a swift one on them. This pack is the best remedy we can find for a day on the green that's tirelessly boring...

What's Included:

Exploder: Watch it disintegrate into a cloud of smoke powder on impact!
Jetstreamer: When you hit the ball, it ejects 15 feet of spiraling, streaming ribbon!
Phantom: On impact it will explode into a watery mist, it literally liquifies itself!
Unputtaball: When putted, the Unputtaball jumps, baulks, skids and gyrates. It is unpredictable, maddening, and hilarious for anyone watching!

This is the perfect gag pack for any golfer, each ball is the same size and dimension of a normal golf ball!

  Awesome Foursome Golf Pack Specifications

Barcode # 9314902000053
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.19kg

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