Make your own super bouncy balls using this terrific Hi Bounce Ball Kit!

Containing two moulds and four powder sachets, you can have your own magnificent colour ball with the added satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself!

Simply pour the powder of your choice into the mould, shaking gently as you pour, and place the mould into water for just one minute. After 3 minutes your ball will be set and ready to take out of the mould it's that easy!

With a variety options for your ball in each pack, the Hi Bounce Ball Kit is a great filler-gift that you get to create and then play with!

Price is inclusive of one Hi Bounce Ball Kit only.

Hi Bounce Ball Kit Reviews

Hi Bounce Ball Kit

By: Noeleen Stewart on 10 October 2017
we used these at some holiday clubs we ran in these school holidays. They were easy to use and the kids (and adults) had a great time making them and then playing with them - great activity for them.

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