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Reject stereotypical gifts & browse through our strange & peculiar range of "Weird Gifts" at CoolThings Australia!  We cater for the odd, unexpected & bizzare!

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Welcome to the Weird Gifts Department

This is your one-stop for weird and unusual gifts that will wow your loved ones... going the extra mile to think of something so different and out-of-the box that it turns a gift from you into a memorable, funny and jaw-dropping experience that they'll be talking about for months. Here's a wide range of odd, offbeat and bizzare products!

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Top 10 Popular Weird Gifts

We've put together a most popular list of the weirdest gift we've sent around Australia this year. As voted by cool gift givers like you!

  1. 1. Stab It Syringe Pen

    Stab It Syringe Pen

    The perfect accessory for a doctor, nurse, surgeon or scientist, these classic pens feature red or blue liquid, realistic detailing, black writing ink....

  2. 2. Astronaut Ice Cream

    Astronaut Ice Cream

    Take your taste buds on an adventure with all new Astronaut Ice Cream. This official NASA approved Ice Cream is the perfect light snack for taking into orb...

  3. 3. Flying Koolface Smiling Poo

    Flying Koolface Smiling Poo

    Hold your nose before stepping into this Flying Koolface Smiling Poo poo game. This hilarious gag gift involves a soft and stretchy smiling poo that flies...

  4. 4. Monster Plush Ball Jellies

    Monster Plush Ball Jellies

    Monster Plush Ball Jellies are fascinating jelly-filled stress balls hidden inside super-soft velvety plush monster furs....

  5. 5. Fishin for Floaters

    Fishin for Floaters

    Fishin for Floaters makes it your mission to retrieve six chunks of fake floating poo from the tub. Each nugget is slightly different in shape to make thin...

  6. 6. Poo in Progress Warning Sign

    Poo in Progress Warning Sign

    It's the perfect free-standing warning sign for during and after a trip to the loo......

  7. 7. Practical Jokes Kit

    Practical Jokes Kit

    This Practical Jokes Kit is filled to the brim with timeless pranks that can be used again and again....

  8. 8. Blood Bath Shower Gel

    Blood Bath Shower Gel

    After a long day of battling zombies, it's time to bathe yourself in true horror movie style with this cherry-scented Blood Bath Shower Gel....

  9. 9. Silverlit Biopod Duo Blind Pack

    Silverlit Biopod Duo Blind Pack

    Discover 2 special sci-fi creatures inside this exciting lab-created Silverlit Biopod Duo Blind Pack....

  10. 10. Poo Head Hoop

    Poo Head Hoop

    Use your head to catch squishy brown piles of poop in this super glamorous Poo Head Hoop game. It's as simple as it sounds....

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