Flying Koolface Smiling Poo

Flying Koolface Similing Poo in Hand
Flying Koolface Smiling Poo PackagingFlying Koolface Smiling Poo
A novelty poop pack!
  • For those of you who love toilet humour
  • Or those who over-use the poop emoji in texts
  • Swat the TV when political opions are poo
  •
A novelty poop pack!

Hold your nose before stepping into this stinky poo game!

This hilarious gag gift involves a soft and stretchy smiling poo that flies across the room...

Simply attach the bobbly poo arms to your sling shot, pull back and let her rip! It's super stretchy and flies a few metres away!

A great novelty gift for Secret Santa, how can anyone be offended by an emoji that looks like a soft serve ice cream with big eyes and a smile?!

Even if it does have a mixed meaning, in the end, it's simply happy poop.

Your pack includes: 1 x Bright yellow sling shot and 2 x Novelty Smiling Koolface Poo.

P.s. It doesn't really smell...

Dimensions of sling shot: 9cm high x 7cm wide.


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