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Here's where you'll find a range of gadgets and great gifts for boys big and small! From the fun and frivolous to the coolest gadgetry. Anything goes. When it comes to gadgets and gifts for boys, you needn't look any further than the Gadgets for Boys category! For the latest cool tech or goofy gag gift that will meet every taste there's something for ever gadget lover in the family. Your little boys, your cool teens and bros, and everyone else. Get him a cool Gadget today!

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Welcome To The Gadgets for Boys Department

Whether it's a gag gift, fun tech, or downright weird that you're looking for, you'll find it under Gadgets for Boys. From the wacky to the practical. We stock a massive range of tech and gifts for boys young and old. There's something here everyone will love. So browse away and find a cool Gadget for him today!

Top Gadgets In 2022 For Boys

We've compiled a most popular list of the coolest gadgets for your boy this year. As voted by cool gift givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite gifts & present ideas that we've shipped all over Australia. Read the reviews, and also watch the video available on each product page.

  1. 1. Flying Koolface Smiling Poo

    Flying Koolface Smiling Poo

    Hold your nose before stepping into this Flying Koolface Smiling Poo poo game. This hilarious gag gift involves a soft and stretchy smiling poo that flies...

  2. 2. Creeblers


    Get your hands on our incredible Creeblers. Throw them at your wall and watch them tumble down to the bottom as they cling together in colourful clumps....

  3. 3. Jellyfish Diver

    Jellyfish Diver

    Learn about buoyancy with this clever little Jellyfish Diver....

  4. 4. LED Sneaker Clips

    LED Sneaker Clips


  5. 5. Fruit Plush Ball Jellies

    Fruit Plush Ball Jellies

    Give your ball a pleasurable squeeze and watch a burst of colourful beads explode from it's mouth....

  6. 6. Da Vinci Catapult

    Da Vinci Catapult

    Put your coordination skills to the test with this build-it-yourself working recreation of Leonardo Da Vincis fifteenth century catapult. It actually fires...

  7. 7. Propeller Hat

    Propeller Hat

    Now heres a classic novelty item that you just cant go past adding to your wardrobe. This Helicap has different coloured panels and helicopter blades that...

  8. 8. Da Vinci Trebuchet

    Da Vinci Trebuchet

    Taking on many different forms throughout the Medieval world, Da Vincis Trebuchet is considered by many, to be the most powerful and destructive of all si...

  9. 9. Astronaut Pencil Sharpener

    Astronaut Pencil Sharpener

    This Astronaut Pencil Sharpener is a great gift ideas for space-mad adults and children alike....

  10. 10. Solar Rover

    Solar Rover

    Looking for a gift that is both educational and fun This Solar Rover Construction Kit teaches children how sun light is turned into energy....

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