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Pretend Play Toys Great for Role Play

Pretend Play Toys Great for Role Play

Here you'll find pretend play toys that encourage children to use their imagination and creativity. Along with being a fun activity, pretend play or role play allows children to get into character. Acting out real life roles or fictional performances and building their self-esteem. Children discover they can be anything by engaging in pretend play and that's cool. Start their journey to imaginative and creative pretend play with these cool ideas.

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Welcome to the Pretend Play Toys Department 

If you’re looking for fun, pretend play gift ideas that teach kids to use their imaginations and encourage them to play alone or with others, look no further than CoolThings Australia! Our pretend play toys have something for everyone, whether you want your little one to enjoy pretend play or teach kids how to build something cool. We carry a huge selection of toys, from the classic to the latest.

The pretend play toy department at CoolThings Australia has an amazing selection of pretend play ideas to help kids learn and grow. You'll find a variety of role play toys that are safe, educational and most importantly, fun!

Pretend play toys are ideal for teaching children how to act, react and think like adults in social situations. From role playing to building blocks, our pretend play toys are perfect for learning about the world. They also help children to develop confidence and imagination while teaching them how to problem solve and collaborate.

Although pretend play is a great way to foster creativity, imagination and self-confidence in young children, the best pretend play toys will allow kids to interact with their friends in a safe, creative way. Let our personally curated range above show you how to encourage pretend play like a pro!

Common Questions about Pretend Play for Kids

What is an example of pretend play?

Some great examples of pretend play are playing superhero, playing ‘teachers and students’, playing shopping, dress‐ups, playing traveling to the moon, having tea‐parties, playing with trucks or cars in the sandpit and playing with dolls and teddies. Really any activity of imaginative play that children engage in, usually at their own volition that keeps children happy, active, learning and socially connected are great examples of pretend play.

What is the right age to introduce imaginative play to a child?

Young children can begin by playing imaginatively with their dolls, stuffed animals, or their own toys, and gradually move on to role-playing with other children or older adults. By age three or four, children can be encouraged to act out their own stories, or take part in the imaginary worlds of others.  They'll learn to ask questions about the settings they create. In addition, children will become familiar with the properties and uses of different objects.

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Here at CoolThings Australia we know you want your gifts delivered fast, thats why we offer a same day dispatch guarantee when you order before 12 noon and also have express delivery options available. You can get all the equipment your child needs for role play fast. You'll save yourself the hassle of driving to the shops too.