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Soft Toys

Here's where you'll find the most popular Soft Toys available at CoolThings Australia. Browse through our range of personally selected Soft & Cuddly Toys; you're sure to find something they'll love!

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Welcome to the Soft Toys Department

CoolThings Australia has a super range of cool and interesting Soft Toys. Our Soft & Cuddly Toys are unique, fun and hand picked by our team! We love finding and helping people find the coolest Soft & Cuddly Toys. After all, cuddly people are best people to shop for! Browse the range above.

Top Soft Toys For 2022

We've compiled a most popular list of the coolest Soft Toys this year. As voted by cool gift givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite gifts & Soft & Cuddly Toys that we've shipped all over Australia.

  1. 1. LED Poi Ball

    LED Poi Ball

    Introducing the magical Maori dance art of Poi. CoolThings Australia LED Poi Balls are a great way to have fun, day or night, individually or in group, tak...

  2. 2. Rockets (4 Pack)

    Rockets (4 Pack)

    With these four Rockets its simple, you get more ammo and more fun... Suits the Mini Speedy Rocket or Pop up a Rocket Launcher....

  3. 3. Flying Koolface Smiling Poo

    Flying Koolface Smiling Poo

    Hold your nose before stepping into this Flying Koolface Smiling Poo poo game. This hilarious gag gift involves a soft and stretchy smiling poo that flies...

  4. 4. Splat Slammers

    Splat Slammers

    Super Squishy Splat Slammers are made from a super soft and slimy material that is contained within a thin and slightly sticky skin. You can squeeze, stret...

  5. 5. Monster Plush Ball Jellies

    Monster Plush Ball Jellies

    Monster Plush Ball Jellies are fascinating jelly-filled stress balls hidden inside super-soft velvety plush monster furs....

  6. 6. Bendy Sloth

    Bendy Sloth

    This Bendy Sloth will twist, bend and hold on tight as you bend him in a variety of different poses....

  7. 7. LED Touch Lamp Dino

    LED Touch Lamp Dino

    Delight sweet dreamers with the safe, soft glow from the LED Touch Lamp Dino....

  8. 8. Creeblers


    Get your hands on our incredible Creeblers. Throw them at your wall and watch them tumble down to the bottom as they cling together in colourful clumps....

  9. 9. LED Touch Lamp Unicorn

    LED Touch Lamp Unicorn

    Delight sweet dreamers with the safe, soft glow from the LED Touch Lamp Unicorn....

  10. 10. LED Touch Lamp Koala

    LED Touch Lamp Koala

    Ready to add some magic to your little ones room with one seriously cute creature You will fall in love with this gorgeous LED Touch Lamp Koala, celebrati...

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