Your Celestial Buddies Jupiter represent the largest planet in our Solar System... The big, bold king!

With a mass that's 2.5 times bigger than all the other planets combined, Jupiter is in line as the fifth planet from the sun.

Your cuddly cosmic companion features distinctive stripes on it's plush exterior too, just like Jupiter itself!

Each of the horizontal bands of clouds is created through it's rapid rotation that generates high velocity winds.

With his name embroidered on his foot, it's hard to forget who's the king of the skies, and let's not forget, that bigger planets give bigger hugs!

You can't miss his big red nose either, this represents Jupiter's hurricane-like storm that's almost as big as the Earth!

Materials: Polyester fiber.

Suitable for all ages from birth.

Spot clean or machine wash on cold cycle if needed.

Dimensions: Approximately 20cm in diameter.

  Celestial Buddies Jupiter Specifications

Barcode # 713757470612
Brand Heebie Jeebies
Shipping Weight 0.28kg

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