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A cool gift for a great teacher is a great way to thank your child's teacher for their hard work throughout the year. It can be a bit tricky though - especially when you have more than one teacher gift to find! So in this most cherished of categories you’ll find a personally curated collection of cool teacher gifts available at CoolThings Australia.

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The Coolest Teacher Gift Ideas for 2022

You’ve found one of our most cherished categories! Growing up we all remember the teachers that cared, you know the ones I mean. Teachers that had time for us, that sat alongside us and explained things in a way we understood. Now we have children of our own and we see the same thing. The teachers that help our kids grow and learn, face challenges and overcome them. They deserve to be recognised. Thank them for their patience and for all the hard work that they do both inside &outside of the classroom through these little presents for teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about buying teachers a gift.

Do teachers really want gifts?

You'll most likely hear something like "Oh you shouldn't have done that" when you give a teacher a gift, our teacher's are usually big givers & servants themselves and don't expect a gift. That said the act of showing appreciation for the special people who have contributed to our lives or our children lives is what truly matters. 

How much should I spend on teacher gifts in Australia?

Its not the price but the thought of the gift that matters, you can find something from between $10 to $20 dollars here.

What is the best gift to give a teacher?

The best gift to give your favourite educator is something that has meaning, put together a little story and pop it alongside your gift for something extra special .

Do teachers have to declare gifts in Australia?

Each Australian state has their own rules, See this great post on for more info, a good rule of thumb is to keep the value of the gift under $100.


Is teacher appreciation is a waste of your time?

Top Gifts In 2022 For Teachers

We've compiled a most popular list of the coolest gifts for your teacher this year. As voted by cool gift givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite gifts & present ideas that we've shipped all over Australia. Read the reviews, and also watch the video available on most products.

  1. 1. Giant Pencil

    Giant Pencil

    The best thing about this Giant Pencil is that it functions just like a real pencil. The lead writes, the eraser erases and its perfect for doing really BI...

  2. 2. Beaker Mug

    Beaker Mug

    This quality Beaker Mug is made from durable borosilicate glass just like you'd find in a real laboratory....

  3. 3. UGears Flexi Cubus Mechanical Model Kit

    UGears Flexi Cubus Mechanical Model Kit

    This Ugears Flexi Cubus Mechanical Model Kit lets you piece together an octasphere puzzle cube....

  4. 4. Newton's Cradle

    Newton's Cradle

    The iconic Newton's Cradle is the perfect desktop accessory for gadget lovers, teachers and office executives! Learn about momentum and energy as you lift the ball on the end to set the other balls in motion, click clacking back and forth!...

  5. 5. UGears Wheel Organiser Pen Holder

    UGears Wheel Organiser Pen Holder

    Introducing the original UGears Wheel Organiser Pen Holder, a creative and convenient commodity for your desk....

  6. 6. The Element of Denial Mug

    The Element of Denial Mug

    This Element of Denial Mug is a light-hearted and fun way of letting someone know they need to face the truth and confront their fears....

  7. 7. World's Smallest Sand Timer

    World's Smallest Sand Timer

    Make every minute count with the World's Smallest Sand Timer, perfect for games like Minute to Win It....

  8. 8. UGears Foldable Phone Holder

    UGears Foldable Phone Holder

    The UGears Foldable Phone Holder is a clever and practical addition to the Ugears mini range....

  9. 9. Genius Paper Clip Holder

    Genius Paper Clip Holder


  10. 10. Is it Recess Yet? Desk Sign

    Is it Recess Yet? Desk Sign

    No matter how much you love teaching, the "Is it Recess Yet" Desk Sign is a great FUN way to break up a monotonous day....

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Special Mention: For the Music Teacher in your life check out the very cool Amp Mug

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