This Ugears Flexi Cubus Mechanical Model Kit lets you piece together an octasphere puzzle cube!

Made out of 8 joint-connected spheres, each piece has the ability to move and roll over the other, creating different geometrical shapes!

Each sphere is its own mini-mechanism, comprising six different segments, all connected with a hinged joint.

Bend and roll the joints backwards and forwards rhythmically to transform your 3D cube into a rectangle and back again as many times as you please!

Designed as a means to improve concentration and focus. Assemble without glue like all Ugears models.

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Assembly time: Approximately 1 hour.

Made from 100% laser-cut plywood (144 pieces).

Model dimensions: 11.5cm x 6cm x 2.8cm.


  UGears Flexi Cubus Mechanical Model Kit Specifications

Barcode # 4820184120747
Shipping Weight 0.40kg

UGears Flexi Cubus Mechanical Model Kit Reviews

A great gift for

By: Melissa on 17 March 2021 - Verified Customer
A great gift for patient people with time on their hands. I originally bought this model kit to be part of a birthday present for my husband earlier this year but, having opened the box of goodies from Coolthings, I could see that it was going to be a bit of an overwhelming present, because (as it says in the description), you have to put it together yourself. This is fine of course, but you also have to pop out the pieces from the flat sheets of wood, which is ok and makes sense from a packing and shipping point of view, but it just means you need to budget for that time as well. So, due to the start of the year being still crazy busy, it's been changed to be part of a father's day gift instead. It looks like it will be a lot of fun once it's assembled. On the practical side it was packed very well, and it arrived quickly.

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