This Mini Springer is a metal slinky toy that loves to walk, bounce, bop and spring. 

One of the most successful toys of all time, this Mini Springer slinky won't slink down normal size stairs you'll need to create some small steps for it to work its slinky magic which is all part of the fun!

The Mini Springer slinky makes a great fiddling object for those interminable office phone calls, or a mini gift for children who need something to do with their hands! Sometimes playing with a mini slinky spring can even help children focus better on other tasks!

Hold the ends of your Springer at both ends, and raise and lower the coils in a rhythmic motion for more addictive fun! Use books, small boxes or other items around the house to build some steps for it to slink down.

Dimensions: 3.5cm in diameter.


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