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Unicorn Toys

Here's where you'll find the most popular Unicorn Toys available at CoolThings Australia. Browse through our range of personally selected Toys for Unicorn Lovers; you're sure to find something they'll love!

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Welcome to the Unicorn Toys Department

CoolThings Australia has a great range of unique and special Unicorn Toys. Our Toys for Unicorn Lovers are unique, fun and hand picked by our team! We love finding and helping people find the coolest in Unicorn Toys. After all, unicorn people are the coolest type of people to shop for, arn't they?

Top Unicorn Toys For 2022

We've compiled a most popular list of the coolest Unicorn Toys this year. As voted by cool gift givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite gifts & Toys for Unicorn Lovers that we've shipped all over Australia.

  1. 1. Growing Unicorn

    Growing Unicorn

    Watch as your Growing Unicorn hatches out of his home and grows when placed in water. Experience this wondrous, mythical creature in your own home. Hell gr...

  2. 2. Unicorn Finger Puppet 3 Pack

    Unicorn Finger Puppet 3 Pack

    Transform your fingers into majestic unicorns and add a little magic to your day by putting on a performance that everyone will love with this Unicorn Fing...

  3. 3. Smooshos Pets

    Smooshos Pets

    Smooshos Pets are squishy little pets that kids can name, love and nurture....

  4. 4. LED Touch Lamp Unicorn

    LED Touch Lamp Unicorn

    Delight sweet dreamers with the safe, soft glow from the LED Touch Lamp Unicorn....

  5. 5. Unicorn String Lights

    Unicorn String Lights

    Turn your bedroom into a magical fantasy land with these beautiful pastel coloured Unicorn String Lights....

  6. 6. Unicorn Bandages

    Unicorn Bandages

    With these Unicorn Bandages you get the mythical powers of the Unicorn put into cool bandaid form. Each pack of Unicorn Bandages contains 18 x 45mm x 50mm...

  7. 7. Feet Speak Unicorn Socks

    Feet Speak Unicorn Socks

    If you strive to be one of a kind, these Feet Speak Unicorn Socks are just for you. Wear them as a reminder, that dreams really do come true. Go on, run wi...

  8. 8. Trembling Unicorns

    Trembling Unicorns

    Perfect for those who can't get enough of these beautiful mystical creatures, Trembling Unicorn's make great sensory toys....

  9. 9. BooBoo Mini Backpack

    BooBoo Mini Backpack

    The BooBoo Mini Backpack is perfect for little kids or for use as a small travel purse. The elastic straps and sturdy carabiner clip provide multiple ways for you to wear it on the go! Wear it on your arm, on your belt, or clip it to your keys....

  10. 10. Wind Up Racing Unicorns

    Wind Up Racing Unicorns

    Giddy up, we're off to the magical races with these Wind Up Racing Unicorns....

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