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Take your man cave or your man's man cave to the next level with this range of cool man cave gifts. There are a variety of things to do in the man cave and there are plenty of things you can give him to make his time in there even more fun. If you are looking for the ultimate gift for the Man Cave, then you are in the right place. Browse through this popular selection of gifts that will fit the bill.

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The Man Cave is a place where men can relax, play games, and do what they want to do. Although these gifts man cave presents are great for the man cave, they are also perfect for any man who likes to be alone, in his own space. At CoolThings Australia, we know that a man cave is an important part of a man's life, and he needs to have the space he needs to relax.

What Is A Man Cave?

We're glad you asked! In contrast to a women’s cave, a man’s cave is a room or a collection of spaces in a man’s house that is specifically for the use of a man. According to good old Wikipedia the term "man cave" was first coined in March 21, 1992, in the Toronto Star by Joanne Lovering. The man cave can be a private room, a den, a garage, or even a basement. Many people enjoy spending time in a man cave, whether they are working on their projects, watching a game, or simply relaxing.

Most Popular Man Cave Gifts in 2022

We've compiled a most popular list of the coolest man cave gifts in Australia for 2022. Whether it’s a new funky doormat, a cool novelty mug or a awesome game or puzzle to play, these are the most popular items to gift a man cave aficionado.

  1. 1. Giant Pencil

    Giant Pencil

    The best thing about this Giant Pencil is that it functions just like a real pencil. The lead writes, the eraser erases and its perfect for doing really BI...

  2. 2. Star Wars Dark Side Door Mat

    Star Wars Dark Side Door Mat

    This officially licensed Star Wars Dark Side Door Mat features the imposing mask of Lord Vader with the ominous words "Welcome to the Dark Side". Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use....

  3. 3. Hexbug Battlebots Rivals

    Hexbug Battlebots Rivals

    Inspired by TV's most entertaining robot showdown, you can bring Battlebots with you anywhere with Hexbug Battlebots Rivals!...

  4. 4. Batman Welcome to the Batcave Door Mat

    Batman Welcome to the Batcave Door Mat

    Introducing the Batman Welcome to the Batcave Batman Door Mat. Whether its video games, movies, or comics youre into, transform your Man Cave into a Bat C...

  5. 5. Newton's Cradle

    Newton's Cradle

    The iconic Newton's Cradle is the perfect desktop accessory for gadget lovers, teachers and office executives! Learn about momentum and energy as you lift the ball on the end to set the other balls in motion, click clacking back and forth!...

  6. 6. Worlds Okayest Boss Desk Sign

    Worlds Okayest Boss Desk Sign

    The "Worlds Okayest Boss" Desk Sign will let your boss know that they're not too bad in your books, but they're not too great either...

  7. 7. Harry Potter Muggles Welcome Door Mat

    Harry Potter Muggles Welcome Door Mat

    This Harry Potter "Muggles Welcome" Door Mat is sure to capture the attention of the muggle-born world....

  8. 8. UGears Bike VM-02

    UGears Bike VM-02

    Get your leather jacket on and set off on a road trip adventure with the Ugears Bike VM-02....

  9. 9. Putter Cup Golf Mug With Pen

    Putter Cup Golf Mug With Pen

    Tee up a mini golf extravaganza in the office with this Putter Cup Golf Mug With Pen by Kikkerland....

  10. 10. Hexbug Soccer Arena

    Hexbug Soccer Arena

    The Hexbug Soccer Arena mimics a true-to-life soccer venue, simply pair your athlete with itƒ??s infrared controller and away you go....

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