Get ready to hit the road with your new adventure companion, the fast and enduring UGears Bike with Sidecar!

Designed after a dual-sport motorcycle prototype with a clever imitation of a fully animated opposed cylinders engine, you’ll find your Scrambler is very steady for heavy-going roads due to a fork and pendulum suspension system on the front and back wheels!

Use the illustrated instructions to assemble your model and power it with the rubber-band motor that’s connected to the wheels!

You’ll find a wind-up key under the gas-tank hood to get you moving. One winding will have you covering a distance of up to 3 metres!

Use the rotating steering bars to steer your bike in the right direction and zoom towards your next adventure!

The spacious sidecar is ideal for transporting tiny passengers, delivery notes or stationery! You can attach or remove it whenever you like.

Everything you need to complete your model is included in your slot-and-tab kit, no glue required!

You will receive: A set of high-quality plywood boards with precisely cut-out parts, a full-colour, step-by-step, easy to follow instruction manual

Number of wooden parts: 380

Estimated time of assembly: 10 hours

Dimensions once assembled: 38.5cm x 11cm x 25cm

Difficulty level: Intermediate


UGears Bike with Sidecar Reviews

Great quality

By: Amanda on 7 September 2021
The Ugears models are awesome. They have detailed instructions and everything always seems to fit. Great quality, would definitely recommend.

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