This Sky Surfer STEM kit by Pathfinders lets you build and master the world's coolest airplane launcher!

Kids of all ages can design, make and scientifically test their plane creations with powerful elastics and a consistent trajectory.

Use the predictable launch pattern to decipher which particular plane designs are best for certain flights!

Can you pull off a loop-the-loop? Experiment with different angles, materials and designs to achieve your goals!

Add elastics to change the launch power of your device, or fire up to 15 metres away by using the adjustable thruster!

It's easy to build in around 30 minutes (but not too easy), and comes with instructions to make planes with paper, cardboard or styrofoam!

Included in your kit:

  • Paper and cardstock (and some clay for balancing your new plane designs)
  • A comprehensive 20 page booklet with plane designs, ideas, aerodynamic theories and a history of paper planes
  • All the balsa wood, dowel, rubber bands, decals and foam pieces you need to build your launcher
  • Wood glue, sandpaper and great instructions!

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Approximate dimensions once assembled: 41cm long

Pathfinders Sky Surfer Reviews

Since discovering you, I shop nowhere else

By: Jenny Henderson on 28 May 2020
Hi Peter, Since discovering you, I shop nowhere else for gifts for my boys, their cousins and their friends. Interesting, fun, stimulating, creative and such COOL gifts!! Thank you! My 10 year old son LOVED making TOBBIE the other day and my 13 yr old said the book of Optical Illusions is sick! Thanks for offering us such amazing cool things x

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