Salt Water Spider Kit

Salt Water Spider Kit
Salt Water SpiderSalt Water Spider Box
Powered by Salt Water!
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Your spider will come alive
  • Moving in a frightening manner!
  •
Powered by Salt Water!

Some of you may fear them, but children seem to be intrigued by them! Spiders can provoke so many different emotions and this award-winning large scale spider is sure to do just that!

Your Salt Water Fuel Cell Spider Kit contains everything you need to make a realistic (although quite large) robotic spider that is powered purely by water with a little added salt.

Once you have completed and activated your spider, it will scurry around on your floor, it's legs moving up and down as it runs. Watch him scurry for 7-8 minutes before re-fueling! Argh!

Your spider is powered by a special fuel cell (that you build yourself) to create power through a chemical reaction between metal and saline water.

You'll find your kit to be fun and educational as you learn about new forms of clean energy and the anatomy of a spider! Be amazed at how your spider will come alive and move along in a VERY frightening manner!

All materials used are environmentally safe and clean, no toxic substances or chemicals used. What a fantastic gift for a budding scientist or arachnoidoligist!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Detailed instruction manual included.
No batteries required, just add salt water to the fuel cell.


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