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Beach Toys

Here's where you'll find the most popular Beach Toys available at CoolThings Australia. Browse through our range of personally selected Toys for the Beach; you're sure to find something they'll love!

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Grip Ball


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Welcome to the Beach Toys Department

CoolThings Australia has a great range of popular Beach Toys. Our Toys for the Beach are unique, fun and hand picked by our team! We love finding and helping people find the coolest Toys for the Beach. After all, they're the best people to shop for! Browse the range above.

Top Beach Toys For 2022

We've compiled a most popular list of the coolest Beach Toys this year. As voted by cool gift givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite gifts & Toys for the Beach that we've shipped all over Australia.

  1. 1. Astronaut Ice Cream

    Astronaut Ice Cream

    Take your taste buds on an adventure with all new Astronaut Ice Cream. This official NASA approved Ice Cream is the perfect light snack for taking into orb...

  2. 2. Grip Ball

    Grip Ball

    The classic grip ball is back with a vengence. This time sporting a hot new design with an even greater grip....

  3. 3. Wahu Bash n Splash

    Wahu Bash n Splash

    This Wahu Bash n Splash features a continuous water blast and bounce back action. If you bash it, you will be splashed....

  4. 4. Extendable Giant Bubble Stix

    Extendable Giant Bubble Stix

    Forget the tiny bottles and dinky wands and have some serious bubble fun with these Extendable Giant Bubble Stix....

  5. 5. Water Misting Cooling Fan

    Water Misting Cooling Fan

    When Summer gets too hot and sticky, there's no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with this hand held Water Misting Fan....

  6. 6. Propeller Hat

    Propeller Hat

    Now heres a classic novelty item that you just cant go past adding to your wardrobe. This Helicap has different coloured panels and helicopter blades that...

  7. 7. Dual Weather Station

    Dual Weather Station

    The Dual Weather Station is an exciting combination of two super successful historical weather devices....

  8. 8. Bottle Blaster

    Bottle Blaster

    With a cool 8 metre blast radius and powerful pump action, your Bottle Blaster re-uses soft water bottles to lock and load your ammunition and wreak water-...

  9. 9. Blast Off Suction Cup Rocket

    Blast Off Suction Cup Rocket

    This hand-thrown Blast Off Suction Cup Rocket delivers speed and precision as you throw it at almost any smooth non-porous surface....

  10. 10. Doctor Who Tardis Cooler Bag

    Doctor Who Tardis Cooler Bag

    Keep your drinks icy cold this Summer as you head to the beach with your Tardis Beach Towel and Cooler Bag. Of course, your Cooler Bag is bigger on the ins...

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