Happiness is blowing bubbles... But record breaking bubbles will simply blow you away!

So forget the tiny bottles and dinky wands and have some serious bubble fun with these Extendable Giant Bubble Stix!

Watch them, pop them, touch them and chase them, it's great sensory play for all ages, and kids just LOVE this wonderful activity!

Instructions are included that tell you how to make your own bubble solution, with tips for making monstrous bubbles to impress your friends!

Why not grab some mates are create a bubble big enough to stand in by using a paddling pool full of bubble liquid!

It's perfect for outdoor play time, and a fun activity that the whole family will enjoy!

How to use:

  1. Prepare your bubble mix, then tie the cords to form a triangle.
  2. Hold the tips of your Stix together so that the sides of the loop close, then dip into the solution. Do not stir the mix or the cord may tangle.
  3. Lift it out and let the excess solution drip off, then move your arms apart to open the loop and expose the film of bubble mix.
  4. Experiment with letting airflow and movement form giant bubbles, which can be completed by closing the loop. 

The weather plays a huge role in creating the perfect bubble, so pick a day with lots of moisture in the air (e.g. a humid day or after rain!)

Note: This can get very messy, so make sure you wear old clothes when standing inside your giant bubble!

For the best results we recommend Giant Bubble Solution (not included).

Bubble Stix measure 1.2m in length (colour chosen at random).

The attached super absorbent bubble cord is 4m long.

Made of lightweight fibreglass, they are easy handled by kids and adults alike.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

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Extendable Giant Bubble Stix Reviews


By: Mel on 11 June 2020
Amazing....easy to use entertainment for all ages

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