Swing and bounce this Flip Stick Game ball into one of the 5 scoring holes on your paddle.

We promise you, the simple experience of flipping a ball into a target can be intensely satisfying!

Designed for children aged 5 and up, you'll score points by flipping the stick and manoeuvring the attached wooden ball.

It's perfect for children to play individually or with a group of friends, as they develop hand-eye coordination and focus their concentration!

Wooden toys are classic toys. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they help balance out the ever-sophisticated toys of the digital age!

Note: The ball is designed to land on top of the hole and sit there, rather than go all the way through the hole.

Made from plywood.

Dimensions: 35.5cm in length.

Recommended for ages 5 and up (however just to be safe, we think it might be better suited to children aged 8 and up due to the hard nature of the ball that could cause injury if it swings up and hits you!

  Flip Stick Game Specifications

Barcode # 019649235513
Brand Schylling
Shipping Weight 0.15kg

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