This cool UGears Date Navigator model helps to identify the day of the week for any date between 2017 to 2044 and it's assembled without glue like all UGEARS models.

Everyone is faced with the question when planning activities during a week: what day of the week it is going to be? Usually we look at a smartphone or a datebook, well no more.

Surprise your family, friends and colleagues with an original mechanical calendar-navigator that is also built by your own hands!

The Ugears Date Navigator is an super cool mechanical calendar that has a beautiful Steampunk planetary mechanism inside and your it will be your daily companion to keep track of your adventure and activities in 2017-2044. It also has a sweet faint scent of wood.

Just set the year and month you need and find out what day of the week it is going to be.

Never get lost in time again!

Size Model: (10,5*9,8*1,8 cm)

Package size: (18,5*27,5*5 cm)

Number of component parts: 21

UGears Date Navigator Instructions

Step 1: Slot pieces marked in diagram as 3 into piece 2.Step 1

Step 2: Slot piece marked in diagram as 4 into piece 1.Step 2

Step 3: Slot pieces 2 and 1 together.Step 3

Step 4: Slot pieces marked in diagram as 3 into piece 2.Step 4

Step 5: Slot piece 5 into main piece you've already assembled.Step 5

Step 6: Slot pieces marked in diagram as 7 into main piece.Step 6

Step 7: Slot pieces marked in diagram as 8 into main piece, take care to slot the cogs in correctly.Step 7

Step 8: Slot pieces marked in diagram as 9 and 10 into main piece.Step 8

Your Ugears Date Navigator should now be complete.

UGears Date Navigator Reviews

I bought this fo

By: Krystie on 11 August 2020
I bought this for my nephew. He absolutely loved it! This is not the first UGears product I have purchased from CoolThings Australia, I've bought them for all my family members (and myself!) Some of the larger models are a bit fiddly, but so much fun to put together and play with.

Wunderbar calendar

By: Janice Bryant on 22 April 2018
This forward thinking calendar was given to a friend as a birthday present as he likes putting things together. I caught up with him this week and he is tickled pink with the Date Navigator, he has been carrying it around everywhere to let his friends know how clever it is ............ and most importantly of all. He put it together himself. You can't get better than that.

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