Put your coordination skills to the test with this build-it-yourself recreation of Leonardo Da Vinci's fifteenth century bridge.

Da Vinci's bridge was designed to be quick to build and take down, and would have been used for swift movement of troops over rivers, critical to battle success for the armies of the time.

With precise grooves in the pieces, your scale bridge is easy to construct for beginner model makers. Made from natural wood for durability, it is very strong (even without glue), and all of the pieces are pre-cut ready for assembly.

Simply follow the instructions to build this simple and elegant design, a reminder of the brilliance Leonardo da Vinci has brought to solve the many engineering issues of today.

Measuring 24cm wide and 9.5cm tall, the Da Vinci Bridge is the perfect educational gift for hobbyists, model builders and school children. It's great for visual perception and hand-eye coordination!

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

  Da Vinci Bridge Specifications

Barcode # 718122199617
Brand Pathfinders
Shipping Weight 0.23kg

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