Your 10-in-1 credit card sized multi-tool is slim, portable and fits in your wallet. That's right, it IS possible to fit three different wrenches, a can opener, screwdriver, saw blade, knife, ruler, bottle opener and even a directional ancillary indicator into a slot in your wallet, and still have room to fit the rest of your cards, cash and miscellaneous receipts in there too!

For those of you who have never heard of a directional ancillary indicator, it is a simple tool, used mainly in the outdoors, that helps you tell direction. Place your multi-tool onto a flat surface, and add a few drops of water into the centre of the indicator. Then, rub a paper clip or other small metal object through your hair (or against a magnet) and place the now magnetised metal object onto the water. It should slowly begin to align north and south, just like a compass!

Your multi-tool helps you to prepare for any situation, from mechanical mishaps, to outback survival, to just having a drink with your mates on the weekend. The challenge is, can you remember all the applications when you need them?!

Note: The 2 position and 4 position wrench can be used with various nuts and bolts as well as for pulling nails.

10 in 1 Credit Card Multitool Reviews

I just received

By: Stacy Peacock on 25 December 2020
I just received this 10 in 1 credit card credit pocket size decice It will be handy & nice do you always have this ready to use pocket-sized knife/tool.


By: Roslyn Jones on 28 November 2019
Impressed, purchased for Christmas stocking filler.

Great gift

By: Sue on 27 December 2017
I bought this as part of a Secret Santa gift and it was a hit!

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