Snake Cube Puzzle

Snake Puzzle
Snake Puzzle in HandSnake Puzzle Cublets
An all-time favourite and a real classic!
  • Can you solve the cube?
  • A fantastic 3D brain teaser for all ages
  • Also known as the chain cube or elastic cube
  •
An all-time favourite and a real classic!

The Snake Cube Puzzle is a chain of 27 small wooden cubelets that are connected on a string through alternating holes in the middle of each block. The aim of the puzzle is to arrange the chain in the correct order by rotating the individual cublets freely to create a 3x3 puzzle cube!

It's a great toy to keep on hand for kids to do while travelling, or as a creative rainy day activity. You can even twist and turn the pieces to manipulate the snake into endless artistic designs for an interesting desktop fidget toy!

What people are saying:

"I unwound this puzzle without paying attention. Since then, it's provided hours or entertainment for my husband and I in the evenings. It's a great conversation piece and a great gift for father's day, someone in my family is usually playing with it, and there is only one solution!"

Made from lightweight wood.
Dimensions of cube when assembled: 5cm x 5cm.


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