Senior Moments Flip Book

Senior Moments Flip Book
Senior Moments Flip Book WitSenior Moments Flip Book Wisdom
Wit and wisdom from seniors who know!
  • Free standing or wall mountable flip book
  • With new witticisms for every day wisdom
  • Great retirement gag or gift for seniors!
  •
Wit and wisdom from seniors who know!

This hilarious "Senior Moments" Flip Book will have you in stitches as you celebrate the fun side of growing old!

With witty sayings, phrases and words of wisdom for each day of the week, it's the perfect desktop accessory for the well-adjusted senior in your life as you have a laugh and help the aging process become more bearable!

With crisp white pages and large-type messages for those who are losing their eyesight, this is one of the best geriatric gifts we've come across. Perfect for any old timer approaching, or being urged into, retirement.

Features: 50 witty quotes and hypothetical questions to keep you occupied. Examples include:

"Everyone is entitled to my opinion."
"Take my advice … I’m not using it."
"Age brings wisdom … or age shows up alone. You just never know."
"Youth Passes, but with luck immaturity can last a lifetime!"

Dimensions: 25xm (l) x 2.5cm (w) x 14cm (h).
Free standing flip book with binders - hole for hanging on wall provided.


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