Kids love to explore the wonders of science through simple hands-on experimentation.

And what could be better than growing a beautiful piece of coloured coral from the amazing underwater world?!

This Coral Reef Magic Rock lets you grow your own dazzling piece of coral in one of five assorted colours (chosen at random).

Pour the included "magic" water over your coral base rock and soak it on the growing tray. After a few hours, your coral will begin to blossom!

Leave your rock overnight to let the magic happen, and your flowering crystal coral will bloom in full!

When your crystal is in full bloom it measures around 3.5cm high x 4cm wide (it starts at 2cm in diameter prior to growing).

Please note: Your decorative crystal looks great on the shelf, but the pieces are brittle and will crumble if touched. Do not submerge in water.

Each sold separately.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Coral Reef Magic Rock Reviews

Coral Reef Magic rocks

By: Helen on 19 May 2022
Great variety of gifts ranging from a couple of dollars and up. Will definitely b back

Coral Reef 'magic'

By: Jeff on 9 March 2022
24 hours after adding the fluid, there was no magic from the rock I gave my granddaughter! I received a message from my daughter in law this morning to say that the rock had started to change … it took 48 hours! I thought 24 hours would surely be enough. Maybe the instructions should be changed to indicated that a longer time is needed.

CoolThings Australia Response
Thanks for the feedback Jeff! Sometimes the timeframe can take a little longer depending on the ambient temprature of the location/room where the experiment is. Glad to hear its started to grow and show some magic for you! - Peter.

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