Marble runs are fascinating for kids and adults alike as the marbles run down the tracks and pass through various obstacles!

Thus, we introduce to you the UGears Marble Run Chain Hoist. An exciting combination of art, engineering and construction!

This DIY wooden marble run features a chain hoist powered by a hand crank. Turn the handle clockwise to set the machine in motion!

Watch as the hoist collects and lift the marbles to the top of the machine, where a 3-way switch distributes them onto different tracks!

Will your marble plunge down the chute with a loop-the-loop, or tumble down the various stages of the counter-weighted cascades?

Or, perhaps it will be collected in the accumulator then released down one of three short tracks! Everything you need to complete your model is included in this kit.

Your kit contains: Pre-cut wooden boards, 10 marbles, wax and sandpaper as well as illustrated instructions.

There's no need for glue or special tools either, simply press the wooden pieces out of their laser-cut backing and snap them together!

Looking for a greater challenge? You can connect 2 or 4 marble hoist models together (in pairs) using the special connecters (incuded)!

Number of components: 400

Estimated time of assembly: 7 hours

Level: Advanced


UGears Marble Run Chain Hoist Reviews


By: Veronica on 2 December 2021
Such a cool, cool product. This will keep my nephew entertained for hours (and me too likely!).

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