This spectacular Ugears Antique Box is a new puzzle to the Ugears range, with a unique moving mechanism built right into the chest!

Comprised of 185 high quality wooden parts, your DIY box has six handy compartments for storing small bits and bobs, along with two cleverly hidden compartments for storing your most valuable treasures!

Follow the step-by-step instructions to piece your model together by hand, with no glue or special tools required to complete your project!

To activate the two mirrored mechanisms on either side of your antique box, pull the upper lid and turn the top compartments.

From here you can also control the mechanism that moves the lower drawer, giving you access to all six of the main compartments!

In order to access the two additional secret sections, you'll need to push the button that is concealed on the back of your storage box.

And, to make sure your treasures are completely secure, your Antique Box comes complete with a locking latch!

When it is closed, you can transport your box on any angle, without fear of it opening and spilling the contents!

The handsome exterior of your chest is covered with exquisite floral carvings. It’s delicate, beautiful and perfect for your collection!

Difficulty level: Easy

Estimated time or assembly: 2-3 hours

Assembled size (open/locked): 28cm x 22cm x 20cm / 17.5cm x 14cm x 10cm


  UGears Antique Box Specifications

Barcode # 4820184121003
Shipping Weight 0.83kg

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