UGears Mechanical Flower

UGears Mechanical Flower
UGears Mechanical Flower in HandUGears Mechanical Flower OpenedUGears Mechanical Flower Front of BoxUGears Mechanical Flower Back of Box
Wonderful Gift Idea for Someone You Love!
  • You construct it then gift it to a loved one.
  • Turn the ring for the Petals to open.
  • Comes with two interchangeable inside stands.
  •
Wonderful Gift Idea for Someone You Love!

The UGears Mechanical Flower is a wonderful and uniquely cool gift idea that you can give to that special someone in your life.

Once constructed you simply turn the ring at the base of the flower and watch as the the petals of the flower open. You then continue to twist the ring to close the flower.

You can store smaller gifts and even jewellery inside the uniquely designed Mechanical Flower. The kit includes two stands of different shape: in the form of Ballerina and in the form of Tree suitable for bracelets.

Full easy to follow picture based instructions for construction of the UGears Mechanical Flower are included and as like all UGears models all the wooden pieces slot together without having to use glue or nasty chemicals.

Number of parts: 101
Estimated time of construction: 3-4 Hours
Suitable for Ages: 12+


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