It’s finally arrived, the UGears Aero Clock is a fully functioning DIY clock model with pendulum, that actually keeps accurate time!

This marvellous wooden puzzle project is based on the theme of aeronautics. A model hot air balloon therefore plays the role of “cuckoo”!

As the seconds and minutes tick away, the intricate wooden balloon slowly rises up, only to descend when the hours strikes!

The basics on how it works:

  • Your elegant clock is driven by the force of gravity pulling down a weighted bag that you can fill with sand or salt.
  • Raise the bag on its pulleys to wind your clock, and as the weight slowly descends it makes the drive gear rotate.
  • This rotation of the drive gear then puts the escape wheel in motion through a reducer.
  • The adjustable weighted pendulum also interacts with the escape wheel through the steady tick-tock of the anchor mechanism.
  • By sliding the bottom and top weights of the pendulum, you can adjust the ticking action of the clock to the second!

Fun fact: A fixed pointer indicates time on the rotating, numbered hour and minute discs, unlike the rotating hands on a normal clock face!

Everything you need to assemble and mount your clock is included in the box. Wind it up and enjoy the passing of time!

Number of components: 320

Assembled dimensions of model: 75cm x 47cm x 16.5cm

Estimated assembly time: 11 hours (difficulty level: advanced)

Recommended for ages 14 and up.


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