Accompany your child on this playful introductory exploration into the fascinating world of chemistry!

The Ooze Labs Chemistry Station is a goopy, slimy, sticky chemistry set with an extensive DIY plastic laboratory station.

Research simple and fun chemical reactions as you analyse household chemicals in your at-home chemistry lab - just like a real chemist!

You will create fizzing, oozing, colour-changing and gas-producing reactions as you learn how to filter and measure mixtures!

Outrageously Awesome Experiments include:

  • Glowing slime, colour-changing slime, fizzing reactions and oozing bubbles
  • A rainbow in a test tube, chromotography, cabbage juice pH tests, solutions and filtering
  • Growing crystals, fire extinguisher reactions and an underwater volcano!

Your kit includes:

  • A large plastic chemistry station (57 pieces) and a 16 page full colour instruction manual with handy hints
  • Experiment cards, various vessels in different sizes, a syringe, measuring cup, pipette and spatula
  • A petri dish, tube, funnel and non-hazardous chemicals for conducting the experiments

Some of the materials are not contained in this kit since they can be easily found in your home:

  • Water, scissors, a cooking pot and non-permanent coloured markers
  • Tape, cooking oil, a spoon, plastic cups, paper towel, sugar and salt
  • A pencil, red cabbage, jelly jar, lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda and corn starch
  • A large bowl, liquid dish detergent, milk, cotton swabs and liquids to test (e.g. coke or juice)
  • Powdered sugar, a balloon, a magnifying lens, tweezers and a tealight candle
  • A saucer, plastic water bottle, matches, soil and sand

Please support your little ones in their first chemical experiments and help them with both advice and physical assistance where required!

Note: Please read and follow the instructions and safety rules regarding the use of household chemicals and disposal.

All 20 experiments use non-hazardous chemicals for you to perform real, safe experiments.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.


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