The Dual Weather Station is an exciting combination of two super successful historical weather devices!

Consisting of two glass cylinders on a beech wood base, it's an elegant and traditional way to predict the weather!

Your Galileo thermometer uses five floating glass baubles to determine the temperature based on liquid density.

Each bulb has a calibrated, weighted metal tag and the temperature is determined by reading the lowest floating bulb!

The Storm Glass responds to atmospheric fluctuations, helping you to forecast the weather by observing the evolving crystal formations!

A key to reading your Storm Glass:

  • Clear liquid = Fair weather
  • Murky Liquid = Rainy weather
  • Crystals at the top = Thunderstorms
  • Large flaky crystals = Cloudy skies, snow in winter
  • Thread of crystals = Windy weather

Assembled dimensions: 17.5cm x 14cm x 7cm

Temperature range of Gallileo Thermometer: 16 - 32 degrees celsius

Please refer to the instructions for tips on how to read your device and where to place it.

  Dual Weather Station Specifications

SKU DWS00010
Barcode # 9323307088313
Shipping Weight 0.75kg

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