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Summer is the perfect time to focus on fitness. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the sunshine provides plenty of opportunities to get out and about.

In addition to being a great way to bond, getting your kids involved in exercise can embed positive lifelong behaviours. Given Australia’s increasing obesity rate, this has never been more important.

Great Games for Family Fitness

There are many ways to get fit as a family, but one of the best – and easiest! – is playing active games. Not only will these get everyone up and moving, but they will also help develop important physical skills. For example:

  • Catch-and-throw games – like playing with a frisbee or ball – will exercise your hand-eye coordination and, depending on how you play them, can be quite an aerobic workout. Toys like the classic Grip Ball and Tangle Night Ball can add a little colour to the game and are designed with all skill levels in mind.
  • Jumping games – like skipping and hopscotch – require a strong lower body, aerobic fitness, and good balance and coordination. Toys like Zoingo Boingo can make these games more interesting, as there are extra levels of difficulty (in the form of tricks, etc.) to master.
  • Accuracy games – like this classic Suction Cup Rocket  help develop motor skills. While these are often one-person pursuits, they can easily be turned into group games by adding a little friendly competition.

If you are struggling to come up with ideas for family fitness activities, reflect on your own youth and the things you loved doing. Whether it was playing with bubbles, flying a kite, or even just playing under a yard sprinkler; sharing your childhood joys with your kids will bring you closer together, while giving everyone a good workout.

Our Top Tips

When planning your summer holiday activities, we recommend you:

  • Keep it simple! The most important thing is to get everyone moving – it doesn’t really matter how. After all, every bit of activity helps build and maintain fitness.
  • Focus on fun. Enjoying exercise means you’re far more likely to repeat it. This is crucial when you’re trying to build lifelong healthy habits.
  • Make a game out of it. Competition can help increase motivation and provides an opportunity to teach other important life skills (like teamwork and sportsmanship).
  • Get everyone involved. Focusing on fitness as a family will help strengthen bonds and model good behaviours.

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