How To Get Your Christmas Shopping Done and Dusted in November

by Kerry Finch  ■  Updated: November 6, 2019

How To Get Your Christmas Shopping Done and Dusted in November main image

We’ve all seen it: the frenzied last-minute holiday shoppers who frantically race from store to store, trying to cross everyone off their Christmas gift-giving list (hopefully with some success!).

Here at Cool Things Australia we wonder why people do this to themselves every year, especially that these days you can easily polish off your list well before the holiday season hits? There are so many benefits that come with shopping early, like:

1. It’s a Time Saver

No one wants to be part of that last-minute Christmas shopping rush. Save yourself from wasting hours looking for parking, standing in line-ups, or even browsing through websites that are leading to nothing but dead-ends by shopping now.

2. It Makes Money Sense

There’s something about shopping during the holiday season that can make people feel a bit more “spendy”. From feeling pressure from peers to spend more to trying to find “the right” gift, it’s a well-known fact that those who shop early and stick to their list will save money because they didn’t wait until the last minute to try and buy the “perfect” present.

3. It’s Quick and Convenient

This is especially true if you’re shopping online. No parking lots, no crowded shops, and no need to elbow through throngs of people to grab products off the shelves.


CoolThings Australia has loads of ideal gifts for all ages. For some gift-giving inspiration, we’ve put together a quick list of what we think people of various ages and interests may enjoy receiving this holiday season.

For the Grandparents

Nan and Pops deserve the absolute best for the holidays, and we’ve got them covered.

Show the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family that you love them with our neat Spinning Hearts Tealight Candle! Powered by the heat generated from a single tealight, the dangling hearts twirl round-and-round much to everyone’s delight.

A cool product that grandparents with a green thumb will appreciate is our Wooderful Life Cyclops Wooden Plant Container

Cute and unique, this practical Christmas present is perfect for your grandma and grandpa’s cactus, succulents, or creepers.

For the Parents

Your parents have spent a considerable amount of time raising and protecting you.

Now it’s time to show them your appreciation with a cool present this Christmas.

We offer an array of one-of-a-kind mugs, including our Elmo Dunk Mug (complete with a spot to stash biscuits or cookies!) and our top-rated Doctor Who Tardis Mug with Lid that are sure to please.

For parents with younger children at home, our “If I Go Missing” Desk Sign is the perfect stocking stuffer.

The mums and dads in your life will be sure to get a good laugh!

For Teens

Teens can be a fickle bunch, but they are sure to be delighted with any of these gifts from Cool Things Australia.

Robotime’s Mechanical Gears project allows those ages 14+ to piece together their very own plywood Air Vehicle Model. The pieces are pre-cut using the latest technology, and each piece is numbered for your teen’s convenience.

Want to get your teen up and moving a bit more?

Our inflatable Hoop Roll game is a perfect choice. Easy to play and set up, it’s the perfect boredom buster and can be played both indoors and out!

For Kids

Your kids will be straying away from their screens when they get their hands on these cool gifts!

Coming in the top spot is our Marshmallow Shooter. Unlike other dart guns that can cause injury, this dishwasher safe gun can be loaded with 25 soft mini marshmallows and launch them up to 10 meters away!

Another cool and creative gift we have here at CoolThings Australia is our Brikkon World House and Tree. These wooden base places are compatible with Lego bricks, and we encourage kids to use them to form their very own crafty creations!

For Baby

Those who are the youngest among us deserve to be treated this holiday season. Here are a couple of our top cool picks for babies this Christmas.

One of our most beloved products is our handcrafted Special Delivery Wooden Musical Box. This adorable keepsake plays a tinkling rendition of “rock-a-bye-baby” once wound up by a parent or caregiver.

Another top gift for babies is our super cute Schylling Baby Dino Jack in the Box. This childhood classic features a plush dinosaur that is sure to delight babies and toddlers alike!


So there are our ideas for helping you get your Christmas Shopping Done and Dusted in November this year.

Don’t forget that we offer free shipping on all Australian bound orders over $99 when you login.

Happy Shopping,