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Did you know that the Origins of the Housewarming party came literally from the act of warming a new house?

In medieval times, before we were all blessed by central heating, each guest would bring firewood and build fires in ALL the available fireplaces in the home, also offering the firewood as a gift. Sometimes there would be a fireplace in every room.

I’m glad we’ve moved past offering firewood as a gift.

Even if you have no clue who what it means to be “Bigger on the Inside” or where the phrase “You Shall Not Pass” comes from we’ve made it easy for you with these cool ideas for the nerdy geeks in your life.

Here’s some of our most popular housewarming gifts for geeks:

Doctor Who Tardis Door Mat

1. Star Wars Yoda Welcome You Are Door Mat

If they’re into Star Wars then they’ll love this Star Wars Yoda Welcome You Are Door Mat, it features the iconic Yoda

Cyclops Wooden Plant Container

2. Cyclops Wooden Plant Container

This mythical creature would be a great gift idea for any fan of ancient hero stories and growing goodies on window shelves. Who wouldn't want a one eyed creature growing herbs on their windowsill.

Metallic Magma Motion Lamp Blue

3. Metallic Magma Motion Lamp

If they’re a retro geek then one of these cool Metallic Magma Motion Lamp’s would be idea for their lounge, available in 3 magnificent metallic lava and body colours.

Star Wars Dark Side Door Mat

4. Star Wars Dark Side Door Mat

One of our customers Jennifer commented on their Star Wars Dark Side Door Mat: “Best greeting for guests ever! Excellent quality. Looks like it will be with us for ages” – enough said.


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