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More and more young people have been getting addicted to the taste and buzz created by drinking energy drinks. The average age of people that go to hospital drinking these types of drinks which are often laden with sugar and caffeine is just 17 years old.

This statistic needs to change or more young people will find themselves in hospital. We need to solve this problem.

What does research say sports and energy drinks do to your physical health?

Drinking energy drinks can cause tooth erosion causing your teeth to fall out and also can result in other mouth problems.

Tooth Erosion Example

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High consumption of sports and energy drinks can also cause sleep problems like insomnia which may result in you not getting a good nights sleep. Higher blood pressure which can cause sticky blood and a abnormal heart beat. When your heart is beating way to fast it can cause a heart attack.

There is a regular practice called the ‘fight or flight’ response that your body goes through after you have consumed too many energy drinks. This response tells your body to become prepared for a threat. Once the ‘fight or flight response is activated your body releases adrenaline and, in the end, makes your heart beat faster. You will start to sweat and lose a lot of your bodies water and electrolytes which is organic matter in the body.

A disease you can also get is diabetes. Diabetes can be caused by having a strong intake of sugar. The scientific word for having too much sugar with diabetes is Hyperglycaemia. Symptoms of it are feeling tired, eyes getting blurry and weight loss.

The Alternative. Why water so essential and why should it be consumed more.

Have you ever asked yourself why is water so essential for our day to day lives? Well it’s true because about 60% of your body is water.

The percentage can change depending on your age, the graph at the bottom will show how much water is in your body.

Water helps maintain your bodies functions. As you might know water comes out through sweating, breathing and digestion. People sometimes substitute sparkling water for flat water which is better than drinking energy drinks and soft drinks. But scientists suggest that you should still consume just flat, plain water as well. Scientists also say that you should be drinking water at least once every meal even if it’s a small amount at least you’re having something.

How much of your body is water

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Are there links between the consumption of sports drinks and sport performance?

Some recent research has been done and there is some possibility for carbohydrate ingestion to help performance in sports tests that are high pressure. Carbohydrate ingestion does improve with challenging exercise. But scientists do get mixed results.

What sports and energy drinks are available in the market and what are some of the reason’s teenagers choose these kinds of drinks?

There are a lot of flavours and catchy names been given to energy drinks to make them sound better and taste better. Some drinks have fizz to make people think it is lighter in taste. Can colours make them more appealing for the eye in shops to catch their customer’s attention. Caffeine, because people think it will give them a boost and get all hyper. High sugar content for the same reasons as caffeine to get all hyper.

So who should consume sport drinks?

I believe there is a specific group of people that should drink these types of drinks.

People that are going through a continuous exercise routine (one to four hours or longer) activities things like cycling, running and all other kinds of exercising. Many studies have been done over the course of the last few years and have shown these results.


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