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So, your beloved boss is retiring?

And you been nominated to get them a gift, right?

There are many different options for you to conside when choosing a gift for a boss that’s retiring.

Here are three:

  • You can go super serious, a delightful card with meaning and seriousness abound.
  • You can choose something useful, maybe a gift card to their favourite store.
  • Or you can simply get something that will make them laugh, and everyone else laugh.

If you’re steering towards option 3 then you’ll probably love our top three funny retirement gifts ideas for bosses that are retiring in.

Worlds Okayest Boss Desk Sign

Worlds Okayest Boss Desk Sign

Look, your boss probably knows that not every boss has it all together, some just do an okay job, and that's ok!

With this gift you can send your boss off into retirement with the knowledge that they're not too bad in your books, but they're not too great either!

Feet Speak Socks Old Fart

Feet Speak Socks Old Fart

Ok, so your boss might not necessarily be super old but, as a funny gift these cool socks can speak volumes.

Have you ever noticed your boss committing a serious fashion faux pas like wearing sandals or thongs on top of socks?

These socks also have the words “OLD” and “FART” printed on each sole in non-slip material for their safety!


Senior Moments Flip Book

Senior Moments Flip Book

This book is full of witty wisdom that your boss might have even mentioned to you and your team recently.

Old Boss wisdom like “Trust me... at my age, I’m an expert on everything”


“Everyone is entitled to my opinion”

This cool flip book features crisp white pages and large-type messages perfect for retirees who might be needing some extra help in the eye department.

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